RAWALPINDI: Four murder suspects, three of them wanted by Gujrat police, were arrested and brought to Islamabad from Abu Dhabi on Sunday with the assistance of International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), police sources said.

Of the four murder suspects, one was wanted by Kahuta police in connection with a murder and robbery case of December 19, 2012. Since he committed the crime and escaped abroad, the police contacted the Interpol and sought red-notices against him.

In compliance with the red-notices, the suspect was arrested by the Interpol from Abu Dhabi and deported back to Islamabad.

On reaching Islamabad by a private airliner’s flight, the suspect was handed over to the Kahuta police who produced him before the court of special magistrate and sought his one-day remand custody.

The three other murder suspects, who belonged to Gujrat and were wanted by the police, were also brought to Islamabad from Abu Dhabi, with the help of Interpol, on Sunday. On reaching Islamabad, the three suspects were handed over to the Gujrat police.

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