Concessions to newspapers

NEW DELHI: During the ensuing six weeks newspapers will be called upon to devote more space than they have been doing in the past to important items of news and to other matters of general interest. In order that they may be enabled to deal with these matters in an adequate manner, the Government has decided, as a purely temporary measure, to allow during the period 18th February to 31st March 1944 the following concessions:

Increase by one-seventh the number of pages admissible to each newspaper under the Newspaper Control Order, 1942. In cases in which this additional number of pages plus the existing permissible number of pages do not work out to an even number, the resultant figure may be rounded to the nearest even number.

Increase in the ration of newsprint admissible to newspapers in accordance with the permits issued under the Newsprint Control Order, 1941 by one-fourteenth of the existing ration during the month of February 1944 and by one-seventh of the existing ration during the month of March 1944. (Dawn, Delhi)

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