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League propaganda overseas

DELHI: Mr Abdul Wahid Qureshi, General Secretary Delhi Provincial Muslim League, has given notice of a resolution to be moved in the open session of the League calling upon the All-India Muslim League to establish a Sub-committee under the guidance and supervision of the Qaid-e-Azam for carrying on effective propaganda on behalf of the Muslim League in foreign countries and to make its ideal — the goal of Pakistan — known to the world at large and particularly in the Islamic countries such as Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Persia, Palestine, Syria and Iraq through the representatives of the Sub-committee appointed for the purpose.

The mover suggests the following be appointed as members of the “Sub-committee for Foreign Affairs”, Mr A.H. Ispahani (Bengal), Chowdhry Khaliquzzaman; (U.P.); Nawab Iftekhar Husain of Mamdot (Punjab), Khan Bakht Jamal Khan, (N.W.F.P.), Seth Yusuf Haroon (Sind), Qazi Mohammed Isa (Baluchistan) and Shaikh Abdus Salam (Delhi). (Dawn, Delhi)

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