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KARACHI: During this Eidul Azha cinemagoers will finally be able to enjoy the much-anticipated Pakistani action-thriller Waar, starring Shaan as the protagonist and also featuring prominent television actors such as Ayesha Khan, Shamoon Abbasi and Hamza Ali Abbasi with ex-Junoon band member, Ali Azmat.

Director Bilal Lashari’s debut film is set to be released on Wednesday in the city in seven cineplexes and cinemas, including Atrium, Universe Cineplex, Cinepax Ocean Mall, Cinepax City Auditorium, Nueplex, Capri and Zeenat.

The film has also been garnering much interest since the release of its two theatrical trailers earlier this year so much so that industry insiders say that Waar’s advanced bookings are extraordinary. The owner of Atrium Cinema and film distributor Nadim Mandviwalla said,

We opened the advanced booking for Waar in Atrium just a day ago and already it has crossed a million rupees.

The Nueplex PR manager said that Waar’s advanced bookings were going exceptionally well with tickets for the film in their Royal Cinema having been sold out.

However, there has been a bit of a damper with regards to Waar as it has been given an adults-only certificate by the Sindh Board of Film Censors. According to Umer Khitab Khan, an SBFC member, this is because of obscene language and violent scenes in the movie.

Multiplex representatives said that they had had to turn away families because of this certification.

Families have been disappointed as they were looking forward to watching this film.

Mr Mandviwalla also pointed out to an anomaly with regards to Waar’s certification which has been given a U certificate by the Central Board of Film Censors. “We believe this film should be seen by as many people as possible hence a U certificate would have been more desirable.”

Other than Waar, three Pashto films are also being released on Eidul Azha. Orbal (Man on Fire) will be screened at Musarrat Cinema in Nazimabad. It stars Shahid Khan and Meera. This is film star Meera’s first Pashto film. Shahid Khan, one of Pashto film industry’s busiest actors, is also starring in Meena Kawa 302 Ma Kawa (Love, Don’t Kill) that will be shown at Nasheman Cinema. Ghairat, directed by film and TV actor Ajab Gul, with a strong cast of Arbaaz Khan and Babrik Shah will be shown in Afshan Cinema.

Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha’s Boss will be the only Indian film to be shown on Eid in seven cineplexes and cinemas — Atrium, Universe Cineplex, Cinepax Ocean Mall, Cinepax City Auditorium, Nueplex, Bambino and Zeenat.

Industry insiders expect Waar to whitewash Boss this Eid.

Action icons Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger come together for the first time in action thriller Escape Plan, which also stars Pakistani-born actor Faran Tahir. It will be screened at Atrium, Nueplex and Cinepax. The Smurfs 2, an animated movie, will also open on Eidul Azha in Cinepax, Atrium and Universe Cineplex.

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S. A. M.
Oct 17, 2013 04:07am

Hopefully Waar won't be another khoda pahar nikla choha!

Oct 17, 2013 09:19am

"Action icons Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger come together for the first time in action thriller Escape Plan". That's not true, since they have worked together in "The Expendables" franchise before.

Oct 17, 2013 11:13am

At least the trailer looks good. the only part i don't like is that its in english.

Oct 17, 2013 12:29pm

I understand this propagates the famous RAW/MOSSAD/CIA conspiracy theory - ALL terrorist activities in Pakistan are the doings of these infamous trio.So you can forget all those articles rebutting the conspiracy theory by NFP and his ilk - as this message will directly reach the masses .Of course Hafeez Sayeed would be at the premier ? You may as well talk with the Taliban as they are presumably innocent of any wrong doings?

Ali Zahoor
Oct 17, 2013 09:28pm

i think the Adult only movie need some elabortae, i have watched whole ovie and found nothing any thing like that. may be it means tha due to some actin and thrill, it is only for adults, :/ "veiwer descrimination advised" i think is meant by the ADULT use for waar indeed its a very good movie, atleat they tried to show that they are doing their best to counter the terrorism at their best, Madras cafe is with the same theme but got appreciation so why not this one, apparently we criticise the lollywood for producing vuglur bad cinematography etc but when they produce a good thing, which can compete and even beat the best ones, we start to propogatin that as this is serving. watch it, with attention and it is to be distributed in more than 25 countries so thats why it is in english, i am amazed that those who used to say that "we only watch AINGRAIZEE MOVIES" are saying k it is bad that this movie is in english :/ i think some are burning becasuae that this movie has beaten chenai express as per current news :)

latif banga
Oct 17, 2013 10:17pm

industry insiders expect waar to whitewash BOSS ?! hahahhahahaha biggest joke of the year... even the worst indian film gathers more business then best pakistani film ...!

zubair khan
Oct 17, 2013 10:38pm

Just saw Waar. EXCEPTIONAL. Puts Bollywood films to shame. Great direction and acting. Well done Shaan.

Oct 18, 2013 10:27am

The Dawn is an old enough news paper to know what is not NEWS.Please improve the contents .News and Views should be readable to engage the attention of the readers.

Oct 18, 2013 10:58pm

Oh my ALLAH! I saw this movie and its is AWESOME! Way better than the bulk of Hollywood movies coming out these days. I think it would be an insult to this movie to compare it to any standards other than Hollywood

Oct 18, 2013 11:00pm

@S. A. M. :

The movie is way better than the trailer they showed. The trailer is just what it is, a trailer.

Oct 21, 2013 01:18am

Yeh film dobaara kAb lage gi atrium mai i have to wAtch it

Oct 22, 2013 10:53am

Which cinema is expected to show this movie at Islamabad / Lahore around 7-8 November 2013.???.. as i have No visit there before that.... is any Cinema showing this Movie at Peshawar??? if anyone knows then do update.... Regards

Oct 22, 2013 01:32pm

@KRISHNAN , why fundamentalist hindus portray themselves as innocent of any crime and think they are born angels with no military or intel agencies, as if their intel agencies are writing joke books or greeting cards to other countries. Problem is that you people don't have the guts to accept the truth. As far as the people like NFP is concerned he himself knows the truth but rather he would do for what he is paid, he tries to hide the root causes, the murdrers of our leaders behind his own generated fantasy satire.(period)