IT is good to hear that the FBR has extended the date for filing of returns to Oct 31. While the FBR is looking at the draft of the forms to elicit the information, I would request it to show some relaxation to senior citizens who have served for better part of their life.

The senior citizens who have invested in savings certificates are already getting a meagre return on their investment due to the falling rate of profits. They are burdened with rising cost of daily items and hit hard by high medical expenses.

Imposing wealth tax and tax on vehicles will be an extra burden. The government should give some relief to senior citizens.


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Mahmood Minhas
September 21, 2013 7:40 pm

It is good suggestion . The concerned authorties should consider it sympatheticaly to relief the senior citizen of the country.

Sadruddin Mitha
September 21, 2013 10:54 pm

as a citizen of Pakistan, I would like to appeal to the Prime Minster and Chief Minister of Punjab to let people know how much each paid as direct personal income tax in past five years for public knowledge and as an inspiration to people like us. I would also like to know academic qualification of elected President and if he was the best choice amongst 189 million population. laptop will not change destiny of Pakistan, they will come into the market sooner or later, let us first buildings in Punjab meant for schools converted into shadi halls, and for keeping herds and provide basic necessities like furniture, potable water, blackboards let us not jump to laptops, so that a few may make millions.My information tells me Punjab government never invited public tenders for laptops, they are dirt cheap now in china. this time will it be possible to make it public

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