Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz receiving the head of Indian Parliamentary delegation Mani Shankar in Islamabad on Thursday. – Photo by Online

Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz in a meeting with Indian Parliamentary delegation headed by Mani Shankar in Islamabad on Thursday. – Photo by Online

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentarians of Pakistan and India have called upon the two governments to resume dialogue process for sustainable peace in the region.

The call was made in a joint communiqué, issued at the end of their two-day talks in Islamabad on Friday.

The lawmakers of the two countries agreed to continue parliamentary level contacts.

The two sides expressed satisfaction over progress on different issues including visa and trade.

Chairman Senate Defence Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain, at the start of the talks earlier on Thursday, called for cooperation between India and Pakistan to “create new regionalism.”

Addressing Pakistan India Parliamentarians' Dialogue, a fifth in the series of dialogue initiated by PILDAT in 2011, he said: “Today, a greater South Asia is emerging as a new geo-economic entity which is not limited to SAARC countries but includes China, Myanmar, Iran and Afghanistan.”

“This New Regionalism should be knit together by cooperation in economy and energy, railway, roads and pipelines.”

The chairman, Defence Committee pointed out that the most important regional challenge is the upcoming US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 and which would have spill over impact on the region.

He stated that it is crucial that India and Pakistan work together to make bold decisions which may be unpopular yet are necessary.

“We should not repeat the mistakes of the past in future by carrying out proxy wars and revival of a cold war mindset that is detrimental to all regional players.” He warned that a new cold war in the region would be destabilising for regional cooperation.

He endorsed the sentiments of Mani Shankar Aiyer, member Indian Congress who was heading the Indian delegation, that the parliamentarians and common people on both sides should work together to create an atmosphere of good will and dialogue.

Senator Mushahid Hussain reiterated that the dialogue process should be fostered by the parliamentarians, political leaders and the media; a task that is beyond the capabilities of bureaucrats who are trapped in their traditional and outmoded mindset.

He extended full support, on the behalf of the Senate Defence Committee, in cooperation on any possible dialogue with its Indian counterparts, similar to the two dialogues conducted by the committee in Afghanistan and China this year.

Mushahid Hussain Syed argued that peace was indivisible and cannot be compartmentalised; hence, peaceful and just settlement of the Kashmir dispute would be a major plus for peace.

Updated Sep 20, 2013 07:27pm

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Comments (Closed)

Sep 20, 2013 07:41pm

Just more photo opportunities for both countries...Nothing will really come out of this whole exercise as usual. I gave up on both countries a long time ago and left the region for the UK. Looking back, that was the best decision I ever made, however hard it was at the time.

M. Ahmed
Sep 20, 2013 08:50pm

Mr. PM come to your senses and forget about Kashmir liberation. Stop beating around bushes, recognize and address real problem. The WATER resources. Don't you see that India is choking all water resources from Kashmir? Can you imagin future of agriculture in Pakistan when rivers run dry? Listen to technical expert and chart out a plan of action.

Sep 20, 2013 09:53pm

Happy to see arch rival partners in warmth mood. I pray that this must go in the long way and those trying to sabotage must go to the hell. This is too much as these two neighbors are fighting and having hatred for more than 60 years and at the end of the day poor people is becoming poorer in Indo-Pakistan.Sit down and find out who is derailing all these peace process and confidence building??????????

Muzaffar Qureshi
Sep 20, 2013 10:52pm

Do you see a ray of hope; I do. This love/hate relationship will not do any good to anybody; particularly, the deprived population.

Sep 20, 2013 11:14pm

Our prayers for IndoPak amity are with Senator Mushahid Hussain.

Sep 20, 2013 11:35pm

There can be no marked progress on settling out standing issues because of forth coming elections in India. However in the mean time confidence building measures should be taken on both sides. Miss understandings and apprehensions can be reduced to great extent through people to people contacts. Beginning can be made by allowing group travels (with travel agents responsibility) on both sides. Also senior citizens of age more than seventy years be given visa at the airport or point of entry. Leaders on both sides need to be little bold.

Agha Ata
Sep 21, 2013 05:59am

NEWS: Pakistan, India urged to resume dialogue process.

For how long?

Sep 21, 2013 09:47pm

The day Pakistan will get the courage to grant MFN status as India has already done for Pakistan a long time ago -- that day -- the REAL ENGAGEMENT between the two true neighbors will BEGIN -- till then every picture on the screen -- of cordiality and bonhomie is artificial contrived - NOT real.