THE governments has already announced in its budget a minimum pension of Rs5,000 a month. However, in the case of EOBI pensioners such relief has not yet been announced.

As will appear from the term, the EOBI was established to look after the financial needs of senior citizens who have attained the age of 60 years.

It is the prime responsibilities of the government/ EOBI to look after the financial needs of senior citizens/pensioners who are at present receiving a sum of Rs3,600 a month as pension from the EOBI. Senior citizens on account of their age factor are vulnerable to a number of diseases. They need a reasonable amount every month to meet their medical and necessary expenses. The present pension amount of Rs3,600 is quite disappointing and unfair for EOBI pensioners in view of the rising inflation rate. Hence, there is a pressing need to increase the pension amount by at least Rs7,200 a month with effect from January 2013. The last increase in pension of Rs600 a month was given in January 2012 in order to offset the effect of increasing inflation.


Updated Sep 17, 2013 07:04am

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Malik Daulat ali
Sep 17, 2013 03:58pm

Date:September 17,2013 The Chief Justice of Pakistan Islamabad Ref: Pension Claim # HA-14872 EOBI #365-7E-06758==

The case of EOBI is under hearing at your valued court. I am retired and geting pension @Rs:3600 per month.As you know there is huge amount carrying EOBI management having misuse and distributing Cars / Bonuses / allowances to staff, The Management should be honest and favourable for pensioners. Last increase of Rs:600 was made during January 2012 and Now I request that there should be 100% increase making amount of Rs:7200 should be paid to pensioners monthly.

Thanksand Regards Malik Daulat ali-Lahore cell 0301-4068560