THE three eastern rivers were ceded to India under the Indus Waters Treaty subject to the World Bank building replacement works on the western rivers to compensate Pakistan for the loss of the three rivers. Two dams, a number of barrages and many link canals were built for this purpose.

The Tarbela dam alone increased supplies by 25 per cent by storing surplus floodwater in which all the provinces had a legitimate share.

However, Sindh is getting the lion’s share of 70 per cent from the dam. North Punjab is unable to take its full share in the absence of a left bank canal which only the Kalabagh dam can provide.

Not only from the Tarbela dam, north Punjab will not get any water from any dam on the Indus, be it Bhasha, Akohri or Skardu dam.

South Punjab is taking only 20 per cent through the Chashma-Jhelum and Taunsa-Panjnad link canals. The Chashma-Jhelum link canal is irrigating three million acres in upper south Punjab and the Taunsa-Panjnad link canal is irrigating 1.5 million acres in lower south Punjab.

These lands were previously irrigated by the Sutlej river and would dry up if replacement water is not provided from the Indus. It will be seen that Punjab is taking only a small percentage of its legitimate share from the Tarbela dam.

It is quite wrong to say that Punjab is stealing Sindh’s share of water through the Chashma-Jhelum and Taunsa-Panjnad link canals.


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mohammad shafique
September 13, 2013 1:38 am

finally, the cat is out of the bag. The punjab has always claimed that kalabagh dam will be only a storage dam and sindh has rightly suspected that punjab intends to build canals to siphon more water off just like chashma-jehlum and taunsa-punjnad canals , Thanks k, Anwer...buddy, for enlightening us. By the way one little fact you forgot to mention is that the punjab takes !00% of the water of Mangla dam doesnot share one drop of it with the other provinces.

September 13, 2013 3:25 am

i think mr k.anwar is not in his senses when he says that sindh gets 70 % of the water from tarbela dam. he needs to give proper reference for his claim. sindh is one of the victim of the injustice in water distribution. mr k.anwar is requested to pay a visit to lower sindh and see the condition himself specially in thar where there is no clean water even for drinking let alone other necessities of life. it is always easy to make a case in favour of kalabagh dam on the pretext of water shortage however the question remains as to why the work on other dams has not been initiated in the first place.

September 13, 2013 6:37 am

Only those who do not wish to see Pakistan become prosperous are opposing KBD.

September 13, 2013 9:02 pm

@Ahmer: correction please....only those who would break the federation of pakistan want to make KBD

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