Cricket: a shameful incident

Updated Aug 31, 2013 07:06am

THE recent shameful incident of some senior English players, namely Stuart Broad, Kevin Pieterson and Graeme Swann urinating on the Oval pitch, late after their success in the Ashes, has drawn severe criticism from all and sundry except the ever-so-vigilant International Cricket Council, so much so that the ICC has not even given a single statement regarding it.

The controversy should have landed a heavy fine and the ICC should have reprimanded the guilty players for their disrespectful act, which was brought to light by an Australian journalist, covering the Ashes.

According to him, it was four to five hours after the completion of the Oval test match which ended in an exciting draw and allowed England to retain the Ashes 3-0.

The players celebrated their success sitting on the pitch, drinking and merry making and in the process causing immense embarrassment to the cricketing fraternity by urinating on the ground, cheered by team-mates.

Had the act been done by a visiting team, particularly Pakistan, the ICC would not only have reprimand the accused players but would also have banned them for their act.

But here the International Cricket Council is yet to give a version of their ‘investigation’ leave alone imposing a fine or reprimanding the guilty players. It clearly sends signal of who’s the boss.

Is the ICC trying to sweep the incident under the carpet? Is it justified in doing so?


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Comments (2) (Closed)

Aug 31, 2013 07:48pm

A typical wounded-pride note by an overly sensitive Pakistani.

Sep 01, 2013 07:43am

Agree with Mr Rizvi that had it been Pakistan there would have been immediate reaction from ICC. But I am sure that Pakistan/Pakistani players would never do such acts since it is against Islamic teachings not to urinate the way English players have done it. This act of English players shows how they are brought up and probably they behave at home as well. ICC please wake up and don't remain deaf and dumb.