YOUR correspondent has reported (Aug 28) a harrowing case of police torture on an 18-year-old girl, hoping that the news of torture to the girl will compel her brother, wanted in a police case, to surrender. The girl, in critical condition, has been admitted to a hospital.

This is just one example of how callous our politicised police are in general, exceptions excluding. Similar cases are quite common, but only a few are reported.

Come to think of it, the hordes of under-paid policemen at the thana level are doing more harm than good to the public, specially the poor. This case has surfaced only with the effort of your correspondent, what about the blatant violation of traffic laws which is everyday occurrence.

I have yet to see a black cab with rear lights functioning, the same goes for many rickety busses, which ply two, in some cases three, abreast on the road, spewing black smoke, with barely readable registered numbers. When our police cannot check such open violation of laws, what else can we expect from them.

I have a suggestion how to get rid of these incompetent policemen. Prescribe departmental promotion examination at each level. If any policeman is unable to clear the examination in two attempts, he should be sent home with admissible terminal benefits.

The promotion examination should be conducted by a few upright officers.

Further recruitment at all levels should be strictly on merit. This in my humble view is one way to get rid of nincompoops who otherwise have a pacca job at our peril.

Dozens of people are being killed in Karachi every day. We are calling the army to maintain law and order, which is basically a police job. What greater proof is needed to reform our police force.


Updated Aug 30, 2013 08:19am

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Gerry D'Cunha
Aug 30, 2013 04:25pm

I am sorry to say, no sympathies for dozens of police are being killed in Karachi every day - its a curse on them fot tortureing thousands of innocent women;children and men everyday and extorting hugh some of money from poor people - as the chief justice in his recent remarks said what do you expect from police when SHOs and area police station are sold on higher bids. shame on the policing systems in pakistan