Punjab’s new LG law challenged in LHC

A view of the Lahore High Court building - File Photo
A view of the Lahore High Court building - File Photo

LAHORE: Punjab’s recently passed local government law was challenged in the Lahore High Court on Saturday, DawnNews reported.

The petitioner challenging the new local government system for the province was of the opinion that Article 140-A of the Constitution was being violated by making the municipal elections non-party based.

According to Article 140-A, each province must establish a government system and delegate administrative, financial and political responsibility to the elected representatives of the local government.

The article also goes on to the say that elections of the local government will be held by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The petitioner has thus pleaded with the court to order all local body elections in Punjab to be based on party lines.

Earlier, opposition parties in Punjab had strongly protested against the new local government law, promising to challenge it in court.

Opposition leader and Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) member Mahmoodur Rashid has also criticised the bill in the provincial assembly.

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