Teaching profession

TEACHING is a profession joined by many, a science understood by some, but an art mastered by a few.

It is the brick required to build a strong nation. The birth of several developed societies in the past few centuries can be rightly credited to improved quality of teaching.

However, the story of our education system is not in sync with such developments around the globe.

Our nation is far too behind others in the field of education.

Many have been held responsible for such a poor show, but some are ignored outright, namely, the teachers.

The reason why the demand for tutors is outstripping its supply is that parents no longer trust schoolteachers for their ward’s success.

Teaching in itself has become a job which people take up as the last resort.

A policy should be made to give a new life to this job by providing for the necessary incentives.


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Aug 24, 2013 03:39pm

Teachers' salaries should be doubled. Only then the country will attract competent teachers.

Taha Lateef
Aug 25, 2013 12:22am

@kayamat: The current salaries of primary school teachers in government school teachers are touching to tune of 95,000 rupees a month and in most cases such teachers are not teaching nor are willing to teach more than 2 - 3 periods per day. Their students are not learning anything except the date of births of their teachers and the like.

It is not just simply a matter of increasing the salaries but of employing the right people, who have the will, the caliber, the spirit, the attitude and the capability to teach and not just someone from your village who wanted a government job and had to be accommodated in the name of providing jobs (or rather acquiring the votes of his family members). The previous PPP government in its tenure has murdered merit and we will be facing the consequences of that for decades to come.

Agha Ata
Aug 25, 2013 12:34am

I never heard of a parent wishing her/his daughter or son become a teacher. There are three things to be done urgently: 1) A college that would produce brilliant teachers. 2) School buildings worthy of their function. 3) Salaries of teachers at least four times higher or even more. They should be paid an army colonel's salary, and why not?