Wearing helmet can save life

I AM a Grade 10 student and would like to share an incident that might be a lesson to many of us.

Recently we were driving on the main road to a market when a minor incident occurred. A motorcyclist, who was riding at top speed, overtook us in an intimidating manner. Suddenly his bike slipped and he and his bike went rolling like a ball on the road. Because he was in such a high speed, I was sure he must have been fatally injured. But to my utter surprise, I saw him getting up on his feet, with only minor injuries. However, his bike was damaged.

As we got close to the scene, I saw his helmet lying on the road, split into three pieces. It was horrifying to imagine that had he not been using a helmet, the impact taken by his helmet would have been taken by his head instead, which would have certainly been fatal. His good habit of wearing a helmet saved his life. I wish everybody here in Pakistan witnessed that scene and learnt the value of a helmet. But unfortunately we know that most people riding bikes do not wear helmets. Those who can afford to buy an expensive motorcycle can easily afford a helmet too. Sadly, many people are even found riding their bikes with their helmets hanging on the sides.

We need to continuously tell our loved ones to use helmets while riding because the rule demands it.


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Aug 16, 2013 02:34am

Good thing about this column is you mahum mujahid, that you being 10 grade student shared the incident publicaly and wanted to us to realise the good rule. Looks a mature act and literate. Keep it up Indeed helmet is basic unit of riding the bike. I do so when i ride for a long way and that my accelerator goes full. thanks Mahum!