THIS is apropos the news ‘Anti-terror war now a battle for survival: Nisar’ (Aug 12).

It pains us no end that after over five years of democratic parliamentary setup, the tone and tenor of our political leadership has not changed.

Previously, for these politicians, there used to be an excuse that because the country was under an interim setup or military dictatorship, it takes time to understand and resolve issues.

Now when the second consecutive democratic setup is in place, the nation, at least, expects all issues to be handled speedily.

Only lip-service is offered with the All Parties Conference and comprehensive national security.

It is a right of every Pakistani to ask Nawaz Sharif and especially Chaudhry Nisar that as terrorists activities did not start six months ago, so what is taking them so long to come up with a comprehensive strategy?

Yes, the government of Pakistan Peoples Party lacked focus, attention and commitment.

However, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) was part of the previous government for over three years. Chaudhry Nisar was the leader of the opposition, and the Pakistan Muslim League (N) used to sit in the cabinet meetings where they had security briefings in the National Assembly.

What is taking them so long to come up with a security policy? In a democratic setup the opposition is supposed to be acting like a shadow government and, hence, when they come in power, it is assumed that they are aware of the issues of the country and their manifesto is the resulting document that ensures quick resolution of governance issues.

It is another proof, if needed, that politicians and members of parliaments in Pakistan are there only for their own interests and not for the nation’s needs.


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Muhammad Asif
August 15, 2013 10:24 am

absolutely correct

Agha Ata
August 15, 2013 6:12 pm

The country is still under the military dictatorship. Army doesn't necessarily need a Martial law administrator to dictate.

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