THIS is with reference to the article ‘Same old merry-go-round’ by Munir Akram (Aug 4). It is pertinent to note that Pakistan’s weak (India-appeasing) foreign policy was evident right from the day Manmohan Singh was invited for the prime minister’s oath taking ceremony in May, which India unceremoniously rejected.

What has since followed is a continuation of the same appeasement -– Pakistan proposes a resumption of composite dialogue, while India continues to link it to the situation at the LoC.

Interestingly, during the days when this demand was made, a Pakistani soldier, Asim Iqbal, was martyred when the Indians fired from across the LoC. The Indian posture -- be it plans for new upstream dams, the recent air space violation in Sialkot or framing Pakistan in suicide bombing near the Indian mission in Jalalabad, all this draws a lacklustre response from Pakistan.

There is hardly any response to the Indian officers’ statement as regards the state’s involvement in parliament and Mumbai attacks and the killing of civilians in Kashmir.

This one-sided peace overtures towards India without a broad-based consensus back home may not lead to any long-term peace between India and Pakistan.

And we may find ourselves -– yet again -– on the receiving end if another terrorist attack occurs in India.


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S. Tanwir Hasan
August 11, 2013 11:10 pm

What nonsense and rubbish people in Pakistan talk about "Indian state's own involvement of Indian parliament and Bombay massacre" when all relevant facts have been told, recorded, shown on media and documented in Pakistan, India and world agencies and media. Headley in US was caught who exposed everything from Pakistani groups involvements to training and reconnaisance. I am a Pakistani and it saddens me with I see the irresponsibility and hypocrisy of even educated people in Pakistan who wallow in lies and deceit and blatantly throw dust in the eyes of world at large.

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