Tips to contain militancy

THIS is apropos of the letter by Khushbakht Vaka, ‘Tips to contain militancy’ (July 22). The writer rightly pointed out that the TTP wants to impose its own brand of Sharia in Pakistan by the use of gun.

Pakistan would not accept their narrow and stereotyped brand of Islam. But I strongly disagree with the solution of the writer to crush the Taliban completely.

Only killing, crushing, droning, and strafing would not weed out the Taliban because they have penetrated at the grassroots level from Karachi to Kashmir and from Quetta to Peshawar.

The result of a decade-old war strategy dented Pakistan badly, resulting in almost 35,000 causalities of civilians and government personnel physically, and $70 billion losses economically over the years.

The solution through the barrel of the gun would prove illusory because terrorism breeds terrorism, violence breeds violence and hatred breeds hatred.

The examples of India and Israel are before us. The states concerned used violence and force to contain militancy but the result was a failure. Now for the time being if we change our strategy from confrontation to negotiation, we will just feel ashamed before the souls of those killed by the terrorists.

Surely we cannot bring back the dead but we can save the living ones because the continued war would claim causalities in the thousands in the upcoming years.

The solution lies in the provision of secular and religious education collectively and freely, pure and transparent democracy, but not theocracy and kleptocracy, employment, women empowerment and definitely a 3D strategy, i.e. dialogue, development and deterrence.

The solution to all problems from a smaller to larger one and from a small militancy to world wars lies in negotiation and on the table.


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Naeem Syed
Jul 28, 2013 04:43pm

These are all Childish solutions, the real fact of the matter is to follow the American Example. Find the Money trail. What is the source for funding for all this coming from. The funding for these extreme Parties,The Madrassa, and Other Taliban type Organisations. All roads lead to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. WHY?

Jul 28, 2013 07:00pm

i dont think so pakistan has resolve and willings to fight extrremism

Jul 28, 2013 07:53pm

An armed man comes In to your home, kills your wife and family, and you want to sit down and talk to him about it?...these terrorist are not honorable men you discuss disagreements with...they are cold blooded murders of innocent people..and they will kill you too given the chance...

Jul 28, 2013 09:36pm

Wow! What an enlightened mind you have. I wish more like minded people in Pakistan come out into open to affect policy change.