Residents gather at the site of twin bomb explosions in Parachinar, the main town of Kurram tribal district, July 26, 2013. — Photo by AFP
Residents gather at the site of twin bomb explosions in Parachinar, the main town of Kurram tribal district, July 26, 2013. — Photo by AFP
Villagers injured in Parachinar
Villagers injured in Parachinar's bomb blasts at a local hospital in the northwestern town. — Photo by AP

PARACHINAR/PESHAWAR: Another 12 people wounded in Friday’s twin blasts that ripped through a congested market and a taxi stand in northwestern Pakistan’s Parachinar town succumbed to their injuries on Saturday, increasing the death toll to 57.

Hospital official Shabir Hussain and Shia leader Hamid Ali said Saturday that another 167 were wounded in Friday's bombings in the town of Parachinar, which sits in the Kurram tribal area that borders Afghanistan to the west.

Hussain said almost all the dead and wounded were Shias. Moreover, Ali said at the time of the explosion the market was full of Shias, who were buying items for their evening meal that breaks the daytime fast during the holy month of Ramazan.

''We demand protection. We request the government to take action against those who routinely kill our people,'' he told The Associated Press.

One of the blasts was carried out by a suicide bomber while the other might have been a planted one, Political Agent Riaz Mehsud said.

Residents said the blasts occurred within an interval of a few seconds about two hours before Iftar. The first blast occurred at the main chowk near a mosque where a large number of people were busy purchasing food items.

The second blast took place at a taxi stand on the School Road, causing damage to shops and vehicles.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack.

Parachinar is some 250 kilometres west of Peshawar and has a population of 50,000. In the wake of sectarian clashes in 2007 army and paramilitary forces set up several checkpoints on roads leading to the town.

Kurram, the tribal region of which Parachinar is the main town, the only part of Pakistan's border region that has a significant Shia population, has been racked by sectarian violence.

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Comments (15) (Closed)

Jul 27, 2013 11:29am

What type of Islam are the terrorists trying to spread from North Africa to Middle East to Sub-continent. There has never been an example of such barbaric acts in history; killing people in gatherings like masjids and funerals. Clerics who brain wash these terrorists should be given exemplary punishments.

Ahmad Baloch
Jul 27, 2013 12:00pm

Terrorism inside Pakistan is our number one problem. There doesn't seem to be that kind of focus on it in the actions of the present or the past government. It is atrocious that in over two months the government has not taken any action except half heartedly calling an All Parties Conference (APC). Before anything PM should have come out his plan for fighting terror. He should have thrown it open for discussions. It is unbelievable that so far there is no coordination mechanism to collect country wide data on terrorist - their origin, their family, their age group, their promoters, their financiers, kind of weapons they use, their make, their areas of operation, their place of training, their motivation, their orgainzational association, their foreign links et-all. A study of such data by qualified criminologist could be an eye opener and may provide guidelines for counter strategy

Jul 27, 2013 12:17pm

Let Military take over this insane country and wipeout these Talibans

Jul 27, 2013 12:59pm

All those responsible should be hanged and example should be made for others to fear...what to talk of being muslim.. these thugs are not even humans..

zulmai khan
Jul 27, 2013 02:01pm

Pakistan is certainly a failed state. Not a single word of sympathy from any politician etc. Shame

Jul 27, 2013 02:20pm

If this would had happened in Lahore, what would be the response of the Govt. Discriminatory attitudes towards the minorities. Shame on the Govt.

Jul 27, 2013 03:49pm

Human Life has no value in Pakistan.

Gerry D'Cunha
Jul 27, 2013 05:48pm

what message are these muslim terrorist giving the world and the non-muslims on this holy month of ramdan by killing their own brothers and sisters while fasting and calling themself the followers of 'peaceful islam' - shame on them!!!!!

Jul 27, 2013 06:21pm

''We demand protection" What protection the army or FC provide when they themselves hide in a safe place. Even Ramadan also not change the mindset of our terrorists. The toofan leader IK has not condemned the incidents so far. US should consider providing arms to Shias of Pakistan instead of Sunnis of Syria.

Agha Ata
Jul 27, 2013 06:35pm

Would killing SHIAS stop American drone attacks? Would killing innocent babies solve adult's problems? I read a lot what government says against the USA, but I have yet to read government's strong statement against the killer Taliban. Government does sympathize with the family of the victims or the dead ones, but the government gives no warning, no threat, or even shows any intention to stop them from committing these crimes.

Jul 27, 2013 07:00pm

In God's name when would this mayhem end?

Jul 27, 2013 07:48pm

Human life in Pakistan has no value.

Jul 27, 2013 09:36pm

I condemn the actions of theses terrorist killing innocent people by their stupid suicide bombing. Even in the holy of Ramadan they don't stop killing people, they are are Muslims, they are not Humans i hope theses evil people burn in the pits of hell.

Jul 27, 2013 11:55pm

This is a tragedy that should not happen in Pakistan targeting minority Muslim shia innocent people who have nothing in common with either Syria or Iraq as claimed by the attackers in international the Idea of Pakistan as a safe haven for Muslims is proving to be difficult as minority Muslim groups are facing violence. There is urgent need for education,peace marches and community leaders showing solidarity like Sunnis patrolling and protecting shias with positive steps from government

Jul 30, 2013 01:22am

Pakistan Govt. has no power to stop this meyham. Pak army should take over and punish the mullahs who are brainwashing these uneducated boys and girls. Only army can do this under current situation. These terror camps were created to break up Indian society and what happened? It is Pak society that is suffering most. It is reflecting on them. What purpose it is serving?