IT has been usual practice since 1980 that a day before Ramazan account-holders tend to withdraw their amounts above or reaching the Nisab limit to save their money from the zakat-ushr system.

Such withdrawals disturb bank staff and hamper other customers who make other transactions.

One of the conditions for zakat payment is the willingness and affirmation of the payer.

No one can pay zakat on behalf of others unless it is ordered by the zakat payer. However, many times, zakat is deducted without the knowledge of the account-holder.

Another condition for zakat liability is the time duration of one year. But banks deduct zakat irrespective of the date of deposit of the amount. Any person who deposits money a day before is liable to pay zakat.

The criterion for the zakat receiver is that he should be needy. And it is up to the zakat giver how he spends it.

But in our system the amount of zakat is taken by the state and used by Baitul Maal for different development projects in the country.

I request the lawmakers to amend the ordinance. It should be the individual’s responsibility to pay zakat.


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Comments (3)

July 22, 2013 8:54 am

"It should be the individual’s responsibility to pay zakat."

Isn't that asking too much of an honesty from a Muslim?

July 22, 2013 10:38 am

thank you for touching upon a fairly conniving way of stealing public money. i guess the central bank should implement a regulation to not to deduct zakat by default. right now, zakat is deducted by default; the payer has to submit a notary public document claiming (usually false) that they belong to a different sect (ahle tashee, etc) so they will not pay zakat.

Nadeem Ullah
July 22, 2013 1:08 pm

Good. The collected zakat is used in development projects where there is a lot of corruption, by ministers and everyone who gets a chance to do it.

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