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ISLAMABAD: Presidential spokesperson Farhatullah Babar said that President Asif Ali Zardari would not resign before the end of his tenure nor would he contest for a second term of presidency.

In a press statement issued here on Monday, Babar said that Zardari would soon return to the country after his private visit to London, however, the spokesman stopped short of giving Zardari's schedule or arrival date due to security reasons.

The presidential spokesperson added that President Zardari would remain in the country even after the end of his term as president on September 8.

He also stated that the opposition parties in the national assembly had not decided to field a consensus candidate yet.

Moreover, Farhatullah Babar also said that Bilal Sheikh was the security head of Bilawal house and not the president's 'front-man.'

The statement comes amid speculation in the media regarding a breach in President's private security and the consequent diminishing prospects of his return to the country after the chief security officer of the president was killed in an attack in Karachi earlier this month.

Presidential election

A spokesperson for the Election Commission of Pakistan said on Monday that the presidential elections were expected to be held in the first week of September.

In this regards, the ECP has written to the secretaries of all provincial assemblies, the National Assembly, and the Senate seeking a list of the respective members. The members' list would be used as the voters' list for the presidential election.

The Election Commission has also completed the printing of 500 two-paged nomination forms for the polls.

According to the constitution, presidential elections should be held "not earlier than sixty days and not later than thirty days before the expiration of the term of the President in office. Zardari's presidential term expires on September 8.

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Comments (14) Closed

Jul 15, 2013 03:51pm

Zardari is the killer of all the people killed during his tenure.

rafiq meghani
Jul 15, 2013 04:13pm

who cares you come or dont

Jul 15, 2013 05:00pm

Zardari has committed so many crimes that he should be Forces to leave Office prematurely, even if it is only one daybefore expiry of his term. He does not deserve to finish his term

major razavi
Jul 15, 2013 05:15pm

please let him try again he will know where he stands

major razavi
Jul 15, 2013 05:15pm

please let him try again he will know where he stands

Jul 15, 2013 05:35pm

No surprises here... moving on

Jul 15, 2013 05:35pm

What good is it gonna do now??

Ghani K
Jul 15, 2013 05:44pm

Private visit ! He there to look at the real estate he owns where he would like to reside as a permanent guest of UK government. In Pakistan no one can guarantee his security.

Jul 15, 2013 06:12pm

why would someone leave a place, where you are the top of the line to EMPTY pretty much Dept in Country. and Offcourse No One can put a finger on you. There is no more room for you to fill with "DUNYA KA SAKOON:

khalid sheikh
Jul 15, 2013 07:05pm

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.I do hope he doesn't come back.He has taken back Pakistan fifty years.

Jul 15, 2013 07:06pm

Its a shame that a convicted and criminal led the country for 05 years. The apex court -CJ also mislead the nation He could have simply removed him

Jul 15, 2013 08:00pm

No body in Pakistan is interested in a person like Mr Zardari. May be the member of PPP

Jul 16, 2013 01:47am

Yes, no one ever left the seat with honor and dignity, why should the incumbent change the norm?

Jul 18, 2013 05:40am

All the three/four pillars of Islamic republic are under Moral, Legal and Social Obligation to go into action to comply with due process of the Laid Laws and Legal Rulings immediately on expiration of President's Term of Office.

Just wait and watch the power holders' reaction. As it seems safe exit of Parvez Musharaff has already been pre-arranged and now as it seems script is being written to guarantee safe exit of Asif Ali Zardari.

U.K., U.A.E., U.S.A. and Saudia, standby to Welcome the Two Great Goodies.