ISLAMABAD, July 13: Five people were injured during an armed clash between two rival groups over a petty issue in the capital’s rural area on Saturday, police said.

The incident took place at Mera Aku, where the animals belonging to one family went into the other’s fields while grazing.

The owners of the field, Mohammad Ajmal and Mohammad Iqbal, along with their family members, rushed to the fields and tried to beat the animals away with sticks.

They then approached the owner of the animals and complained that their crops had been destroyed. This led to an argument as the field owners threatened to kill the animals.

A scuffle ensued in which both groups brawled but were separated. Shortly afterwards, both parties brought weapons from their houses and started firing at each other.

During the gun battle which lasted almost an hour, five people were injured, and the situation was finally controlled when the Golra police reached the village.

Later, the five injured were shifted to the hospital where they were given medical assistance and kept under observation of the doctors. The injured were identified as Mohammad Waqas, Mohammad Siddique and Zulfikar (who owned the animals), and Mohammad Ajmal and Mohammad Iqbal (the field owners).

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