KALAR Kahar is the tehsil of Chakwal district (Punjab) located 25km southwest of Chakwal and 125km from Islamabad along motorway M-2 and Islamabad to Khushab Road.

It is famous for its natural park, saltwater lake, peacocks, the shrine of ‘Hazrat Hoo Bahoo’ and ‘Takht-i-Babri’, which was built by Mughal Emperor Babar to address his army while coming from Kabul to conquer the crown of Delhi.

Kalar Kahar is a tourist destination because of its natural beauty and historical background. People coming from Lahore to Islamabad and Sargodha to Islamabad used to stay at Kalar Kahar to take some rest and enjoy its beauty. Tourists from all over Pakistan and from abroad come here to see the natural saltwater lake and dancing peacocks in the courtyard of the shrine and in the natural park of this fairyland.

Owing to negligence of authorities Kalar Kahar is losing its natural beauty. Mountains of the salt range located at the east bank of saltwater lake have become barren and the area of natural park restricted to a certain and specific location.

There is no greenery or tree on mountains. The fresh water lake has become impure and polluted.

The Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan and district authorities should take keen interest in preserving the natural beauty for the tourists. Kalar Kahar mountains need plantation. There should be a plantation campaign with the help of educational institutions and civil society.

Waste tanks should be installed in the park and lake areas and people should be advised to use them. Hotels and restaurants should be bound to take proper measures for wastage.

If the authorities take interest, this historical place can be a great source of pleasure for local and foreigner tourists.

MALIK ASIF AWAN Chowkhandi, Talagang

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Muhammad Younus Butt
July 12, 2013 2:44 pm

Kalar Kahar is a natural beautiful place for tourists.The government must give proper attention for the natural parks and all these problems mentioned must be solved ,so r\that this location will attract more tourists and more money.The Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan and local authorities must work on emergency basis for the promotion of natural beauties of Pakistan.

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