Another night of protests in Egypt where a group of supporters deposed President Mohamed Morsi attempted to march to the presidential palace.

Several hundred people carried signs and chanted slogans, while trying to access the road that leads to the palace.

The march remained peaceful - at one point, demonstrators stood toe to toe with the military and voiced their opinions through a megaphone.

"We do not acknowledge the military coup against our will", one supporter said.

In Alexandria, another pro Morsi march.

"They killed our brothers during prayers", the protesters chanted.

The country remains deeply divided over the military's removal of Morsi from office last week with dozens killed in violent clashes.

In Cairo where Morsi supporters have been staging a sit-in, more violence could erupt later in the week as his party has called for country wide marches after Friday prayers .

Published Jul 11, 2013 03:37pm

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