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Verifying thumb impression

THIS refers to news reports wherein the finance division has refused to release funds for Nadra software upgrade for thumb impression verification.

Many people and politicians are calling for verification of thumb impression.

There have been many rallies against rigging in elections. This step by the finance division can add fuel to fire.

There could be a strong response from some parties and it can aggravate the conflict among politicians. I request the relevant authority to release funds for software to avoid any ugly situation.


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Jun 07, 2013 05:35am
why are we so gullible ? to protect the status quo and the govt resulting from the mother of all selections ,soft pedalling will take us to the next elections as usual just wait and see
Jun 07, 2013 08:12pm
@Ahmed, very well said.
Husain Jan
Jun 08, 2013 06:10am
PTI or any party has the right to ask for verification of thumb impressions. And ECP had already announced to facilitate for this process and had even announced that funds amounting to Rs 90m have been released with the instructions to NADRA to develop the necessary software within a maximum of 10 days. Have all these above developments become history ? So soon ?? And blaming PTI for this demand is something very undesirable indeed for sure.
Jun 07, 2013 01:51am
Money does not grow on trees. Certainly not in Pakistan. By any reasonable measure these elections have been free of any systemic tampering and have yielded results consistent with scientific and independent surveys carried out by respected organizations like Gallup. PTI would be well advised to focus on serving the people of KP and in playing the role of a responsible opposition party in the center rather than demanding that the nation spend scarce resources to cater to its cover-up of the lack of the "tsunami" that Imran Khan kept assuring us would take place in elections.
Jun 08, 2013 09:10am
Until and unless we get rid of all corrupt Judges we can never ever expect Justice not at all. See what this Chief Justice and his son have done to this unfortunate country. Today, not one rich person is in jail. All jails are full of only poor people. Rich people can do anything against any law whatsoever and just become friends with Arsalan Iftikhar then nothing will happen to them. While the whole nation was rallying against election rigging, Chuef Justice was wasting time of all courts in irrelevant cases thanks to Arsalan and his PMLN friends. Some people don't even have shame