I ENDORSE the views expressed by CDRE (r) Sajjad Ali Shah Bokhari on the subject of ‘proportional representation’ (May 4) in the future general elections for Pakistan. He says he is in the knowledge that this system is being followed in some other countries of the world.

If the new government and the opposition parties legislate this system to be applicable in the next general elections, it can be the best and simplest for the voting nation. Also, if the number of political parties reduces to a maximum of 10-12, the system of proportional representations can be encouraged.

The total electorate may then be party-wise elections, divided between the 10-12 parties and each one of them shall end up getting some seats in the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies in proportion to the votes each of them secures from the total electorate.

The onus of constituency-wise and candidate-wise selections will then be shifted to each political party for which they will prepare well in time before the elections.

I recommend that Dawn should consider opening a debate on this subject in their columns and find consensus of its readers on this subject.

CDRE(r) Sajjad Ali Shah Bokhari is requested to also write letters in Urdu dailies for information of the Urdu-reading masses.

M.M. KHAN Karachi

Self-accountability PRIOR to May 11 the feeling of participation in fair and transparent polls, as claimed by the Election Commission of Pakistan), was extremely dulcet. When I cast the first vote of my life I was elated.

To vote a credible candidate is a national and moral obligation of citizens, and the historical turnout proved the motivation of the nation.

However, pictures and videos proving rigging and use of unfair means have ended the pleasing effect. To condemn the system and higher authorities for the situation is easy but there is a dire need for implementing self-accountability and soul-searching.

Self-accountability and the gumption, especially the workers of political parties who mostly belong to poor families, can prevent rigging.

Only then the myth of fair electoral process can be turned into reality and the nation can step in the realm of democracy in the real sense.


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May 21, 2013 7:48 pm
Proportional representation is followed in MOST of the world .Only few countries use this old english method.
May 22, 2013 4:04 am
I think Pakistan needs to have equal number of representatives from each state. The party winning in one state cannot rule without the bias. This will harm the democracy. If not equal number representatives at least it should be amended so that no state can have more the one third of representations.
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