LDA plaza’s 9th floor to be demolished in Lahore

Rescue 1122 fire-fighters struggle to extinguish the fire that erupted at Lahore’s LDA Plaza.— File Photo by APP

LAHORE: The committee formed to investigate the cause of the fire has submitted its initial report, which states that the 9th floor of the LDA plaza has to be demolished because it is too dangerous and unstable to be used.

Dawn.com has received the initial report of the fire that erupted at the plaza of Lahore Development Authority Lahore on May 9.

Senior Members of the committee, including Chief Engineer LDA Israr Syed and Structure engineer Doctor Younis Upal, have submitted their reports and stated that the 9th floor of the LDA plaza has been badly damaged.

The committee members are also assessing the condition of the 7th and 8th floor and its condition assessment will be finalised in the next few days.

The deadly fire that erupted at the LDA plaza killed more than 20, and the operation continued for more than 24 hours last week.

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