“We share the same vision when we discuss different ideas.”

That was what sparked the partnership between the four budding young artists from National College of Arts (NCA).

They might not be the most proclaimed names in Pakistan’s cultural circle, but their works certainly reek of no novicity, and have instead provided refreshing viewpoints of themselves.

Like what one of the artists Junejo has explained, “within and without (name of the exhibition) is the study of something that comes from within oneself based on what is happening without oneself.” Echoing that, their works aim to explore not only themselves but also how the society around them has shaped their experiences and stories.

According to Junejo, curator Guddo Haider wants to highlight artists from NCA because he believes that the time-honoured institution makes them “unlearn” a lot of things so that they can eventually master the art of thinking for themselves. Sounds easy, but not really; especially in this new age of information surplus, when one can’t seem to hold up a judgment without first considering ten other opinions.

So when that “unlearning” process comes in, “you come up with very striking work,” Junejo shared.

This resonating school of thought which evolved back in NCA also brought forth the examination of two extremes within each array. For instance Khilji’s collection seeks the harmony between ambiguity and clarity, peace and turmoil and ultimately the most basic concept of hiding and showing.

Each artist tells their individual story, choosing what to highlight and what to cast into the shadows. The most wonderful part of being the audience is when we could identify those stories that lurk in the drape and weave our own tale out of it, letting our imagination run wild in the elusiveness of it all. —Photos and text by Alisia Pek

The exhibition is on view till June 1 at Full Circle Gallery.

"Bubbles 1", "Bubbles 2" and "Bubbles 3" by artist Suleman Khilji.

"Diametrically Opposite" by artist Scheherezade Junejo.

"Get your shit together" by artist Scheherezade Junejo.

"Snowing 1" by artist Suleman Khilji.

"Snowing 1" and "Snowing 2" by artist Suleman Khilji. He generates his images through layers applied over time, again and again, till an image surfaces from the darkness.

"Bubbles 2" by artist Suleman Khilji.

"Yin and Yang" by artist Scheherezade Junejo.

"Conflicting thoughts" by artist Annem Zaidi.

"Not again" (right) and "Matter of Indifference" by artist Annem Zaidi. Using minimalism effectively, she casts into shadow the figure, and uses light to draw out the importance of the garment.

"Indulgence" by artist Annem Zaidi.

"Hybrid" by artist Scheherezade Junejo.

"Ophelia in Three parts" by artist Dua Abbas.

"An Enchantress of sorts" by artist Dua Abbas.

"Half" by artist Dua Abbas.

"The Invocation" by artist Dua Abbas.

"Ave" by artist Dua Abbas.

"Symmetry" by artist Scheherezade Junejo. She paints characters that are bold and definitive, exploring their anatomy and skin as a façade on its own.

"Limited Edition" by artist Scheherezade Junejo.

"1896" by artist Suleman Khilji.

"1896" by artist Suleman Khilji.

The collection by artist Dua Abbas. Deeply influenced by literature and pre-Raphaelite art, Abbas elevates her characters to the level of heroines and protagonists.

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May 17, 2013 04:03pm