Airblue crash

THIS is apropos of M. Asif’s letter ‘Airblue crash: other view’ (April 28). The impression that I was talking of the CAA back in the 1980s and 1990s needs to be corrected. I quote an extract from a former director-general of the Civil Aviation Authority’s book, ‘Hijacking from the ground’.

It says: “There was a windfall for PAF when job opportunities arose in the CAA. Between 1982 and 1999, the PAF had seconded/deputed over 300 officers to the CAA. These included four air marshals, eight air vice marshals, 35 air commodores, 50 group captains, 40 wing commanders, 40 squadron leaders, 25 flight lieutenants and over 100 other ranks”.

It is incorrect to suggest that there are only two posts of directors out of 18, where PAF serving officers are on deputation.

To put the record straight, there are four serving officers and not two as claimed in the letter. It is true that regular general managers and above are earning more than Rs500,000 a month, it is on account of long service and, secondly, there has been unprecedented increase in salaries during the last two years.

In fact, there is one retired air commodore appointed as IT consultant who is being paid Rs550,000 a month, with free board and lodging, besides extensive travel at the cost of the CAA roughly comes to Rs800,000 a month, otherwise not required

The letter should have been seen in the context it was written. It is never too late to mend the wrong, the seniormost regular officers of the CAA should be immediately promoted to bring an end to favouritism.


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May 03, 2013 11:05am
Mr Mukhtar Ahmed, I note you feel very aggrieved but you have not made it clear the grievance link between the Air Blue crash and someone who is being paid Rs 550000 a month as an example.
Abdul Malik
May 03, 2013 03:59pm
I second Mukhtar Ahmed's observation. When will we put an end to this joy ride that these armed forces personnel enjoy after retirement. Let them either go home and enjoy life with whatever they have or get a job in the private sector. Leave the civilian organization alone and let the deserving senior officers run the affairs.