IIU affairs: an appeal

I AM writing in the hope that the new government will get court verdicts implemented regardless of whom they relate to. After being denied a portion of my pension by the International Islamic University (IIU), the Supreme Court finally got my pension restored after a long ‘battle’ of over nine years.

While my pension was paid to me, those responsible for the delay were not punished in accordance with the judgment of the court. My repeated request at the highest level in the university to get the portion of the verdict implemented yielded no results.

In fact, the official concerned of the university did not even care to reply to my letter.

Another matter of illegal appointments that were made in the university went unattended too, as well as a request for being provided details of appointments. It was denied in violation of the Freedom of Information Act.

I am fully aware of my rights and can go to court on contempt charges against the university in this matter. I know things move slowly in this country.


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