THIS is with reference to Shahid Ali’s letter (June 26) who sought help regarding old people’s home, and an appreciated response by Irshad Mowjee (June 30).

Meanwhile, I couldn't help the tears when I read Mr Ali's last sentences saying that he is left by his sons and daughters alone in this part of the world merely for greener pastures in the US and Canada.

Not just Mr Ali but more than 70pc senior citizens are deprived of respect, caring, love and affection from their children. Even though, their children do not bother to remind, recognise or recall their memories of how and by whom they were raised, fed and nourished.

I pay tribute and salute Irshad Mowjee for a helpful reply and assisting the lonely old man. He is doing the job that Mr Ali’s children should have done.


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Mohammad Hamza
July 6, 2013 2:41 pm

While it is commendable what Mr Mowjee is doing it is about time that we do something collectively to help address this serious issue. I have read about the Edhi old home as well.but they are mostly caring for abandoned seniors.

For the likes of Mr Shahid Ali perhaps where the children may have genuine compulsions like medical cover, legal status for parents overseas, a dignified hostel for senior citizens could be the way out. If Mr Mowjee could provide some more details there could be more commitments by motivated and interested people to join hands with him

July 6, 2013 11:02 pm

I do see the point here that there are a lot of parents abandoned by their children in PK for greener pastures outside US, but please also keep in mind that there are a few parents who don't make it easy for their children to be able to take care of them. Yes, again I agree that there could be very few of such parents but lately I am seeing more and more disagreements among parents and children as it's hard to come to a common understanding where and how one should take care of their parents. So in the end my request is please take time to understand all aspects of this issue, don't just assume that parents are on the right side of this argument or vice versa. Take time to understand the issue from other angle as well. We are all humans and have our own point of views on issues, personally I think it will help to come to a better understanding if we try to listen/understand others' opinions. Thanks & Wassalam.

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