Research on Pakistan’s economic growth

IT is encouraging to learn that research publications in Pakistan rose from 3,939 to 6,200 and simultaneously PhD faculty at public universities jumped from 4,203 to 6,067 in the last two years. Budget allocation (2013-14) of Rs57billion has also been made to the HEC.

I suggest that all research scholars be tasked to evolve methodologies in boosting the economic growth of Pakistan with special emphasis on direly needed energy which is hampering our economic growth.

I would also stress that PhDs must pool in their shares for the uplift of Pakistan. This will minimise poverty and unemployment issues.

The chairperson HEC is requested to ask all industrialists to forward the list of problems confronted in their production processes. In turn, the chairperson HEC may allocate the topics of research to PhD scholars.

This is the only way to overcome our industrial problems. Any expenditure incurred in resolving industrial problems should be borne by the industrialist concerned. It would be a great service to Pakistan if implemented.

Mere publications of research papers do not serve any useful purpose as far as the economy of Pakistan is concerned.

It is expected that close collaboration between HEC and industrialists can resolve their many issues as well as innovative techniques in the improvement of existing methods


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Md Imran
Jul 01, 2013 06:00pm

Sorry to bust your bubble, but those Phds are not worth the paper they are printed on. Its all bought/stolen, and not earned.