Remittances rose 5.74 per cent to $12.76 billion from $12.06 billion during the same period last year. —File Photo

KARACHI: Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves rose to $11.344 billion in the week ending June 21, from $11.340 billion the previous week, the central bank said.

Remittances from Pakistanis abroad rose 5.74 per cent to $12.76 billion in the 11 months of the 2012/13 fiscal year, from $12.06 billion during the same period last year.

The fiscal year runs from July to June.

Updated Jun 28, 2013 06:07pm

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Nadeem (US)
Jun 28, 2013 07:29pm

Govt and people of Pakistan should realize how much we, overseas Pakistani, contribute to our country. What we get in return, robbed when we came out of the airport, family members kidnap for ransom. Not only that, we have to pay tax to Pakisani govt. when we call Pakistan. It's stange, no other counry charged tax on incoming calls. PPP govt. imposed those charges, I'm sure those charges either transferred to Zardari Swiss Account or PPP used those funds for election campign.

Jun 30, 2013 12:38am

Part of it may have gone to Rahman Baba's Acct in UK. Whatever is left in future will surely go to "Mulk Bachao, Qarz utaro acct" and nobody knows who controls that account.