Missing agriculture targets

PAKISTAN is an agrarian country. According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2012-13, agriculture is the second largest sector of the economy, contributing 21.4pc to the GDP, generating productive employment opportunities for 45pc of the country’s labour force, while 60pc of the rural population depend directly or indirectly on this sector.

Also, the sector has the critical importance to growth, exports, incomes and food security, reducing poverty and transforming towards industrialisation.

The Economic Survey paints a grim picture of the agriculture performance and it even missed the growth figure of last year when its volume went up by 3.5pc.

The sector grew by only 3.3pc during 2012-13, even though crop production and livestock are now more resilient to extreme weather shocks.

During 2012-13, targets for sectors of major and minor crops were surpassed, but those for livestock, forestry and fisheries were missed, the Economic Survey revealed. The achievement may be attributed to increase in the area sown, use of high quality hybrid seeds and improved production techniques.

In view of the above, there is a strong need to invest more in agriculture, especially to improve the methods of cultivation through adoption of modern production techniques.

Also, agricultural loaning to farmers needs to be simplified so that they could get loans easily on time for the purchase of inputs for raising the crops.


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Jun 22, 2013 12:58pm

Technology is available.....there needs to be investment.

Najam Yusuf
Jun 22, 2013 02:43pm

Read a book,'Wealth and welfare of Punjab", by H Calvert, 1922,we need to change our habits, both living and eating, we are growing enough, but eating more then enough,we fondly eat less yield crops, means area per person is more then the other world, and the educated boys of rural area shift to industry, means no input of educated boys in the improvement of their family agriculture business, please know, once in UK, boys/girls were not allowed to move out of rural area, up till a certain age, to urban area, to keep the input of young educated in agriculture

Jun 22, 2013 05:56pm

In my humble opinion , if our agrarian economy is forecast to show dim prospects by the Zars of the budget and survey , then its very serious for the every day survival as such , all other sectors are already bankrupt or are closed to so and if agriculture is destined to follow the suit then , as a nation , we are going from already hungry (people committing suicide more frequently in every part of the country because they can not afford one square meal a day for them and their off springs) to hungrier next year . Hope people asking for the nation to give sacrifice ( PM is quoted as blessing the nation with such a divine advice ! ) , will stand up themselves and give up at least quarter of their millions and billions stocked away outside the country , to set the example first before asking the poor nationals to give sacrifice ( the masses are hardly able to a good square meal a day , while the ones asking for sacrifice , lavishly enjoys KFC and lot more

Saad Saud Jan
Jun 22, 2013 11:23pm

yes thats right new ideas should be introduced in agriculture sector and should be strickly followed by government and rich investors