Ahmadis face discrimination even in death

Published Jun 11, 2013 08:00pm
A signboard outside Jadeed Qabristan (graveyard), Rawalpindi read:  “It’s prohibited to bury Mirzais here.” —Photo courtesy Shahzad Raza
A signboard outside Jadeed Qabristan (graveyard), Rawalpindi read: “It’s prohibited to bury Mirzais here.” —Photo courtesy Shahzad Raza
People offer prayers at the grave of Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate Professor Abdus Salam, who was a member of the Ahmadiyya community. — AFP/File photo.
People offer prayers at the grave of Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate Professor Abdus Salam, who was a member of the Ahmadiyya community. — AFP/File photo.

ISLAMABAD: Even in death, the Ahmadiyya community is discriminated against.

Jadeed Qabristan (graveyard) is located near Murree Road in the heart of the garrison city of Rawalpindi.

A signboard dangling outside the house of the gravedigger reads: “It’s prohibited to bury Mirzais here.” 'Mirzai' and 'Qadiyani' are derogatory terms used against the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. While taking a photo of the sign, one is greeted with suspicious stares.

For decades, Ahmadis have faced persecution at the hands of religious extremists and right wing forces. The state jumped into the fray in 1974, when the then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto introduced a constitutional amendment declaring them non-Muslim to ward off pressure from right-wing forces.

Before the May 11 general elections, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) labeled Pakistan as a country where religious freedom has been extremely limited.

The subjugation of Ahmadis started soon after Independence in 1947. Led by Jamaat-i-Islami, right-wing groups spearheaded anti-Ahmadi campaigns. The first such violent movement erupted in Punjab, in 1953, leading to the imposition of martial law in the province.

Then, military dictator Ziaul Haq furthered the agenda by passing an ordinance making it unlawful for Ahmadis to identify themselves as Muslims. They were also barred from calling their worship places mosques.

In 2010, in Lahore, 86 Ahmadi worshippers were brutally murdered by the Punjabi Taliban. Over the years, speaking out on ‘sensitive’ issues such as religious discrimination has become increasingly dangerous – highlighted by the murder of the then Punjab Governor, Salmaan Taseer.

While the community faces violence and discrimination on a daily basis, few people remember that the sole Noble laureate from Pakistan, Dr Abdul Salam, belonged to the Ahmadiyya community.

The writer is a freelance contributor. His Twitter handle is @shahz79

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Comments (161) (Closed)

Jun 11, 2013 08:24pm

We are doomed as a nation if we can not look after our minorities. Salman Taseer was killed for absolutely no reason. The fact that all political leaders kept quite about it, particularly PMLN, speaks for itself. The way we treat our minorities makes me ashamed to be a Pakistani and really ashamed to be a Sunni Muslim. Is this how our religion teaches us to behave?.

Jun 11, 2013 08:28pm

Its a shame that we fail to see them as Pakistanis. I am sure our Prophet would not be proud of the way we are treating them or any other minority group in Pak today. Look at each person as a human being and a Pakistani. Thats all. The religion he follows is between him/her and God.

Jun 11, 2013 08:37pm

Will honorable CJ take Suo moto notice of that grave digger and the plight of Pakistanis of Ahmadi, Hindu, Christian faith rather than trying to arrest the Cyber space.

Ayesha Khan
Jun 11, 2013 08:39pm

What would any call a group of people who get up and declare openly that Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) is not the Seal of the prophets. They promote this ideology. From the point of Islam, and under the teachings of the Quran, where these people who have been declared non Muslim should be categorized.? . Is this a minor offense, which can be disregarded.? If any can justify, or has an answer why don't they get up to clarify their position. When those who reject the prophet Muhammad as the last messanger then who are they, are they equal to the Muslims?

Jun 11, 2013 08:53pm

How can we point fingers at others for discrimination, when we are doing the same to ourselves? When will we learn that we are all God's children and Her creation? When will we learn that all religions preach tolerance and respect and love for each other, no matter the gender, religious beliefs or the color of our skin? When will we learn that "karma" is real and what we do to others, will one day be done to us? When will we learn that living a life of peace and harmony is better than war and division? Alas, when will we learn that we are all humans and have equal rights to live on this earth and when we die, we in fact, leave everything behind and only our souls are eternal? I don't know when - but i sure hope and pray that it happens soon, before this madness causes us more heartache and pain.

Jun 11, 2013 08:55pm

I am an Ahmadi but what a nothing article this is. What exactly is new here, tell me. You huys write, we read and it goes down the waste bin. If anything such articles gives rise to more provocation and lights up the fire of anger amongst the hate mongers.

Jun 11, 2013 09:02pm

I tried to think of a reason why the society may have become so intolerant but everything sounded like an excuse. the truth is, we are intolerant hypocrites.

Jun 11, 2013 09:01pm

Is this the pakistan Jinnah dreamed of? what a shame.

Jun 11, 2013 09:06pm

Read it, Ignore it...and...wait for the time when the persecution knocks the door of your sect/faith/belief. We need no recognation from you as our case is in the hand of Allah SubhanatAllah and this is just for you to ponder on your ownself and eventually you'll ignore it.

May the righteous sense of things prevail...Amen

Jun 11, 2013 09:09pm

aaah! as usual the Dawn is tyring to play the cool liberal broad minded beacon of human rights defender here, more in the hopes of appeasing its self-imagined Western readership, rather than caring for historical facts. Dawn doesn't care to bring to fore that this Mirzai sect was created at the behest of then occupying British imperial forces in india and the only reason was to try to put dent in the unified opposition of Muslims against British rule back then. Dawn doesn't care to reveal that the religious beliefs of this sec does clearly render them non-Muslims, hence a religious minority , so what is wrong if majority doesn't want this sect to bury its dead in Muslim cemetaries? Dawn would go to extra length to draw out the entire history of "persecution" of this sect in Pakistan but it wouldn't bother to mention the genesis of its beginning.. Dawn only cares to play music to the ears of Pakistan bashers to feed them further propaganda material.

Asif O
Jun 11, 2013 09:13pm

I am an Ahmadi, one of the traumatic memories of my childhood was when we had to disinter my grandmother from her grave after a week of her burial in the town's graveyard. The local Mullah had made it a Islam-in-grave-danger issue and the administration of Steel Town, Karachi, spinelessly complied to his threats. Thereafter we took her body to a desolate tract of land hastily arranged somewhere between Karachi and Hyderabad and which now serves as the Ahmadiyya graveyard. She was the first one to be buried there.

Jun 11, 2013 09:15pm

Mirzai's have been declared as Non Muslim and according to my learning UNLESS there is no muslim graveyard available a muslim cannot be buried sidebyside with a non muslim. The said statement applies in a Non Muslim place or land. Can anyone shed a light where a Non Muslim can be buried if a Non Muslim Graveyard is not available.


Jun 11, 2013 09:17pm

If 'Shia', ' Sunni', 'Barelwi' etc are not derogatory terms, how are 'Mirzais' and 'Qadyanis' derogatory terms?

Jun 11, 2013 09:33pm

Ahamadi's have their own separate graveyards, just like Christian, Jews or any other religion. Some muslims do not want to be burried next to a Ahamadi or even christian.

Jun 11, 2013 09:45pm

I think Writer's perspective is smaller. This happens everywhere in the world even in the developed world some Christians or Jews cemeteries do not allow burying dead from muslims or other religions. So what is wrong if they are doing in Pakistan

Jun 11, 2013 09:48pm

Its very hard to believe that in 2013 some sects of muslims have difficulty to find a place to bury their dead in pakistan. Its very sad that government in pakistan does not have guts to correct wrong that was done by bhutto and ziaul haq.

Jun 11, 2013 09:53pm

Coz simply they have been declared as non-muslims and all this is due to the belief they are following... So how come they will be allowed to bury in muslim graveyards... Please don't try to make issue out of it.

Jun 11, 2013 10:01pm

Simply sad :/!!

noaman rashid
Jun 11, 2013 10:03pm

Ahmadis/Qaidyanis /Mirzais are non Muslims not because of the pressure of right wing political parties but due to the facts that are totally against the belief of a muslims, like Jesus Christ is dead which clearly is against what Allah has revealed in the Quran and what the Prophet has told in authentic hadith. They are not a community from the Muslims but a minority and as a minority they have the rights to be protected only when they stop using the terminology of Islam and Muslims.

Mirza Saleh
Jun 11, 2013 10:10pm

What to say? The graveyard management has declared non-Mirzai people to take care of the graves themselves then why the hell there is an administration. The second thing that comes to my mind is that Ahmadi people do not ignite lamps or agarbattyaan on their graves, neither they present halway aur meethay parathay, may be that's the reason Mirzai people are not allowed here. AstaghfirUllah.

Sarwat Hasan
Jun 11, 2013 10:17pm

Who gave us the authority to declare anyone non-Muslim. Mullahs are certainly at the height of ignorance, more specifically our mullahs, they should have been dealt with just like Kamal Atatürk did fight after the creation of Pakistan. They should not have any place or voice in Pakistani affairs as they were against the creation of Pakistan. May Allah have special place for them in hell as they are responsible for most of the chaos in Pakistan.

Jun 11, 2013 10:19pm

The writer seems to be quite biased. His mere quotation of facts is not impartial.It appears from this piece of writing that the writer is a 'Qadiyani' himself or an advocate of the qadiyanis.

I would like to make the writer aware of the fact that pakistan was formed in the name of Islam.If any element tries to sabotage the interests of muslims, then the pakistanis are courageous enough to make those elements face serious repercussions.These Ahmedis are the disbelievers,trying to portray the wrong image of Islam.

The citation of US commission findings is something that has no relevance in this context. US has always supported the groups who share common interests as that of US i.e. to harm the Muslim world and spread evil in this world.

ALLAH is the protector of pakistan ; and by the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH Muslims will nip these evils and anti-Islam forces in the bud.

Jun 11, 2013 10:25pm


Can you protect victim by putting victim in jail? Shouldn't the killers be in jail? What sort of justice is this?

[Qur'an 5:9] "O ye who believe! be steadfast in the cause of Allah, bearing witness in equity; and let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice. Be always just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah. Surely, Allah is aware of what you do."

[Qur'an 4:136] "O ye who believe! be strict in observing justice, and be witnesses for Allah, even though it be against yourselves or against parents and kindred. Whether he be rich or poor, ..."

Jun 11, 2013 10:32pm

Is ther any issue if you construct Ahmadia Qabristan Separtely and write;

"It’s prohibited to bury Non Mirzais here"

Agha Ata
Jun 11, 2013 10:43pm

Arrest the mullah of the nearest mosque.

Jun 11, 2013 10:45pm

And then Pakistanis have the cheek to criticise Indians. Muslims are better off in hindu India and yet they do not appreciate that.

Qaiser Bakhtiari
Jun 11, 2013 11:03pm

What a travesty this nation has become.

Jun 11, 2013 11:08pm

"'Mirzai' and 'Qadiyani' are derogatory terms used against the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan." dear writer this sentence is misleading and biased... these terms are not derogatroy in any sense.... Mirzai is derived from the prefix of the name of the founder of Ahmaddiyya religion, which is community as well as a minority in Pakistan with legal rights as are for any other religion in minority in Pakistan. The other term Qadiyani is derived from Qadiyan city in India. We have many many examples of such term derivations from regions and cities here... like Qasuri, Lahori, Hoshiarpuri etc.... THANKS.

Jun 11, 2013 11:11pm

Utterly shameful. I for one will keep my children from exposure to such an intolerant, harsh religion that preaches hatred against other human beings, while claiming to be a religion of peace (that is peace as long as the other is a sunni). What scares me is the fact that so called educated moderate people (I know them personally) who are so called good practicing muslims and have been active in 'durse' type activities over the years, have developed a bias against sects other than their own. I am glad I have not been a "good muslim" so far.

Jun 11, 2013 11:20pm

Zulm phir zulm hai, barhta hai to mit jaataa hai khoon phir khoon hai, tapkega to jam jaayega

Jun 11, 2013 11:17pm

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it Allah's decision to decide who is a Muslim, and who is not?? And isn't any human making this decison on His behalf committing shirk??

muhammad ahmed mufti
Jun 11, 2013 11:32pm

This is not discrimination. Different religious groups have their dedicated burrial sites. Ahmed's should be given their own space.

A R Khan
Jun 12, 2013 12:05am

God's standard bearers on earth.

Jun 12, 2013 12:11am

A correction in 2nd last line! it's Dr. Abdus Salam not Dr. Abdul Salam. The discrimination is really unjust and brutal towards the Peace loving and promoting Ahmadiyya community. May Allah guide us all! Ameen!

Jun 12, 2013 12:21am

Religion is between man and his Allah, and no one have the right to declare someone's faith. Thats why the Holy Quran mentions each soul will be responsible of its actions and will be answerable to their creator.Today's Mullahs are fulfilling the prophecy of the holy prophet (SAW) that 14th century mullahs will be the worst creation on earth. They are not worried about Allah and his message rather their tanted version of religion which far away from Islam our beloved holy prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) brought.

Jun 12, 2013 12:23am

I dont understand the point you are trying to make here. They are not muslims and are not allowed to be buried with the muslims so are christians and jews. You can how ever change the trend by leaving a will to bury you in an Ahmadiyya graveyard.

you dont accept a religion based on someone acheiveing a nobel prize.

Jamshed Khan
Jun 12, 2013 12:27am

The same old story that keep cominf around. Burying the dead is quite a personal matter. All religions have separate graveyards. So it is difficult to know what is the point that the writer of this piece is trying to make. Ahmadis should be buried in an Ahmadi graveyard - shouldn't they? Other then Professor Salam, what other major contributors to the country can the writer names? Don't always use Professor Salam's shoulder to fire your guns.

Jun 12, 2013 12:37am

And still at international forums and platforms,Pakistani authorities boast that in Pakistan,there is total freedom of religion...,shame...shame...shame !

Habib khan
Jun 12, 2013 12:56am

I will not make any comments if u need my address etc. Its unfair.,

Jun 12, 2013 01:16am

Can you bury Muslims/ Christians and Jews into each others' graveyards ? Same goes for Ahmadis too.

Jun 12, 2013 01:18am

As an equal citizen of Pakistan, Ahmedis should not face subjugation of any form in any activity allowed for any other section of society. Having said that, this article took quite wrong subject to emphasize that divide. Graveyards -every where in the world- have subjugation according to respective believe system where people -i.e. Jews- keep their cemetery inclusive to their community. Even in Europe and US, Ahmedis and non Ahmedis minorities have separate graveyards managed by their own communities and it does not cause any concern of subjugation. We should raise against the inequality and mistreatment of minorities groups in our society, but in doing so, the right approach on the right subject is vital to raise the awareness, instead of choosing rhetorical and meaningless subjects as a tool, as done by this article.

Jun 12, 2013 01:30am

I don't really see the point of this article. If the graveyard bans burial of qadianis, there is a reason for that, they are not true muslim. Only muslims can be buried in a graveyard ment for muslims.

Mohammed Khan
Jun 12, 2013 01:42am

Using freedom of speech to create rift (fasad)between people is worst than discrimination. Allah declares it a bigger crime than murder of a person. Since elected government declared Ahmadis Non Muslim than there is nothing wrong with asking Ahmadis to bury there deceased in there own cemetery just like people of other faiths do it in rest of the world.

My brotherly advise to You , TTP and like minds to put down your weapons, you are playing with fire, do not bring Majority to a point where they lose sanity. Being a Minority you will Lose.

Jun 12, 2013 01:46am

Similarly Muslims cannot be buried in Rabwah. Every religion has its doctrines that are held dearly, so please don't trample on the feelings of others. Muslims in non-Muslim countries are striving to have a Muslim-only graveyard then why do you oppose such restriction in a Muslim country,

Jun 12, 2013 01:55am

Seriously...Pakistanis have nothing better to do? We all need to mind our own religions. Let us first be able enough to declare someone non-muslim or muslim before we make rash decisions. Sunnis do things that defy Islam, so do Shia and other sects. "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

Jun 12, 2013 02:00am

@shahz79 as a Pakistani you may argue about the rights given to any person.you must know that we are Muslims first and Pakistanis second. by saying this i don't mean to hurt someone in Pakistan just because they aren't Muslims, you took a notice board to write this article. let me share my view that every single religion has separate graveyard. and if you think that this is discrimination than you should start from very first thing in islam, i.e. 5 basic principles to be a muslim, no. 2 of which is ~and Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet~ now keeping that statement in mind the laws in pakistan were established in constt. of 1974.. while Dr. Abdus salam was alive, and well into the programs of science and technology, he was a pakistani who served pakistan like all other muslim and non muslims in the country. i respect your views as a writer but i would request you to thoroughly research into this matter, as we cannot just for the sake of writing an article , put two completely different religions in the same box and say that the people of the two are not being buried at the same place and thus its discrimination. For Gods sake write to make my country a better place not to further complicate matters. i am open to listen and good debate in a friendly way. thank you.

Jun 12, 2013 02:21am

Well Mr. Raza: Would u like christians to use muslim grave yard too.

Jun 12, 2013 02:23am

What can you say, just shake ones head and wonder what our great Quaid A Azam must be thinking in his Grave. If these had there way Pakistan as is would not have been able to come in to being. May Allah Almighty help us all, these Monkeys are digging holes in the ship that carries them afloat.

Muhammad Hasan
Jun 12, 2013 02:29am

While we should condemn religious persecution against all, it is a norm all over the world to bury people of a particular religion in specified areas only, even within the same graveyard. Muslims in UK are only allowed to bury in specified areas in the graveyard after permission has been obtained from the local council.

Tahir Khan
Jun 12, 2013 02:35am

This is Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where islam means unequal and unjust.

Jun 12, 2013 03:06am

im sorry to say that this ,with all due respect this a pathetic article written by this author - not allowing ahmedis to be buried next to muslims in a graveyard does not make is discrimination. It is simply a choice of muslims based on thier faith Islam. Since the Ahmedi community refuse to accept the teachings of Islam the way they are to be, they are not considered muslims. which simply makes it unacceptable to bury them next to us. Islam is tolerant but people who distort it cant be called Muslims. Please re think your ideas before penning down such controversial issues. For a writer to be successful one must take a side to be for or asolutely against the topic. if not then to be a narrator of news but researching to get the facts right before writing. - i am surprised Dawn would allow this to be contributed without considering faults of the writer. -- purely my opinion . please feel free to reply.

Jun 12, 2013 03:28am

Is this not the kind of behavior disbelievers used to exhibit against the Holy Prophet of Islam? This shows who is righteous and who is not. God bless them and show them the path of enlightenment.

Jun 12, 2013 03:46am

I am sure you wont hear a word from the "respectable' Pakistanis on this discrimination. shame!

Jun 12, 2013 04:05am

This is so sad. This is not what Islam is all about. I am a sunny muslim and I feel for my Ahmedi brothers and sisters.

NADIM Akhtar
Jun 12, 2013 04:10am

I am not a Qadiani but feel absolutely ashamed about the way our Pakistani brothers are treated. It is unbelieveable that such discrimination and harrasment could exist so openly in this day and age. Our mullah preach nothing but hate. May God protect us all from this evil and vicious mindset and put us all on the right path.

Akil Akhtar
Jun 12, 2013 04:26am

It is totally fine as like every other religion they should have their own separate graveyards. It is the same all over the world so why are we obsessed with singling out Pakistan for what is practised everywhere. What is the agenda here. Our hatred for pakistan (ourselves) seems to ahve no boundaries.

Jun 12, 2013 04:44am

There is much freedom to Muslims in western world so why they cannot follow similar religious tolerance to others as advised by their Prophet.

rafiq meghani
Jun 12, 2013 05:53am

Just learn lesson from one the best creature , God blessed Pakistan with and that Abdul Sattar Eidhi. He dont discriminates among not muslims, but any belief. he got graveyard for all beliefs and resepct for hindus also. I dont understand what kind of hatred they got.

Jun 12, 2013 05:59am

Such discrimination is not only against Islam but also against the basic human rights of citizens. Islam does not allow that a segment of population is persecuted and treated with disdain and subjected to collective punishment. This attitude is essentially same as regimes practicing apartheid against a segment of its population. More over discrimination forces individuals to either migrate or become so disenchanted that they never are part of national talent pool and the country suffers due to loss of professionals. Dr Abdul Salaam was a national treasure but was forced to leave the country in disgust. Why should it matter if peaceful citizens are legally contributing to the progress of Pakistan?

Jun 12, 2013 06:21am

Oh, now i understand why Dr.Salam was never flurished in Pakistan and he devoted his life in UK and died in UK..

Dr.Sohaib Rana
Jun 12, 2013 06:46am

I have observed that even modern and educated Muslims are also have strict views regarding End of Prophet hood with Muhammad (PBUH).. this is a success owned by right wing forces.

Jun 12, 2013 06:51am

It makes me laugh and same time makes me sorry for the state of mind of our people that we are still in the fight of religious differences while countries are trying to reach the Mars. Our clock is running backward instead of forward. Even though we believe in the day of judgement but we still give our judgement regarding othrs believes. It's time for our nation to move on from this religious conundrum , and follow the path of developed nations so our people can have some thing better to do in their lives..

Jun 12, 2013 07:09am

what message we as a Pakistani nation are conveying to the world? Religious intolerance or barbarism.

Mohammad Farooq
Jun 12, 2013 07:23am

It is extremely sad as this is completely against the teaching of Islam. As a Muslim we all need to be compassionate, considerate and merciful towards others.

Siddiqui J
Jun 12, 2013 07:22am

This is trash journalism!

Sunni Sonia
Jun 12, 2013 07:29am

When I read such articles, I feel ashamed to call myself a Pakistani. Ahmadis from the day two nation theory was born till now have been very supportive and had an important role in the progression of Pakistan. Pakistan Airforce, Army, bureaucracy, education and performing art and sciences have many hardworking and honest Ahmedis serving Pakistan and history has many more examples that we try to efface. At this day and age this kind of ignorance and bigotry can only be carried and supported by people who have a large void in their souls and who have nothing to look forward or live for except for spreading hate and using religion for their own interest. I feel strongly against any religious or ethnic persecution and feel that we should use all our means to stand against it, for the sake of a safe and progressive Pakistan.

Jun 12, 2013 07:38am

It is not discrimination. It's a sign of hate. In west, we live, share and respect all other communities where there is no Islamic governments. these western countries are more Islamic than ours. What is this message mean in an Islamic state?

Jun 12, 2013 07:36am

it is not discrimination because the qadianis, like other minorities ,have their special burial places. i.think the writer is trying to create wedge and support the masters behind his such a venomous writings who aim at weakening our beloved country. i suggest this scribbler to use his pen for righteous cause as this beautiful country is also his own identity.

Ali Siddiqui
Jun 12, 2013 07:37am

Dear Shahzad Raza,

According to Islamic Fiqh, non-Muslims cannot be buried in Muslims' graveyards. Since, Ahmadis are non-Muslim, because they have no faith on Termination of Nabwat after Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and the Constitution of Pakistan has also declared them as Non-Muslim, therefore, a dead Ahmed or Mrzai cannot be buried in Muslims' graveyard.

If you really believe in Islamic values, please study them carefully before raising such voice.

Thank you

Ahmad Ibrahim
Jun 12, 2013 07:50am

As an Ahmadi these issues have stopped bothering us.

Jun 12, 2013 08:40am

What you expect in a country where even the Muslims have to submit a declaration that they are Muslims to get a passport?

Jun 12, 2013 08:47am

Pakistan will unfortunately never get out of the ditch, it will stay in the ditch due to the mentality of the majority. Any Muslim who calls another Muslim a "kafir" is himself/herself a kafir, know that. Who are you to judge Ahmadis. One of the the only groups of people who are highly educated, sophisticated, open minded, well to do are the Ahmadis, Dr. Abdus Salaam is one of them. Allah have Blessed them richly in every aspect of life, it's obvious!!! Mashallah!

I was born in a wrong country, embarrassing. Kindness to all humans, care, love, honesty, good values is the best religion.


Jun 12, 2013 08:50am

With all due respect to this community Ahmedis created problem for themselves. They wanted everyone on this planet to be Ahmedi. You have to sign an allegiance document with Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed if you are going to get marry in Ahmedia family, want a job which is in control of an Ahmedi. Even at one point this community believed that soon they would be big enough to control Pakistan government. Whatever happening against them is not religious but political and part economical and Ahmedis must take major responsibility. This article is political not a religious discrimination. Sunnis and Shias have different graveyards -- they dont allege discrimination against each other -- this is just a religious belief or a practice

mohammad jamil
Jun 12, 2013 08:49am

I reckon this has to be the most bazar kind of sign,I ever came a cross. Almighty for give us all for this stupidity. Human is a hymn. All are creation of Almighty. No one is born with a religous tag on his face,its all what we tell our kids. For God sake , time to stoop this nonsense.

Jun 12, 2013 08:53am

Graveyard of Christians are separate from muslims, no christian can be buried in muslim graveyard. Similarly how Mirzais can be buried in muslim graveyard?? Mirzais used to call them muslims , when they are not.So the signboard at the graveyard is just to declare that the graveyard is for muslims community, not of others.

Jun 12, 2013 08:57am

When would it stop or would it ever stop? Shame on general population of Pakistan for not standing up against such inhumane treatment of Ahmadis. They are rather equally involved in such discrimination and I have seen it firsthand all my life while growing up. It makes me wonder, has their ever been such discrimination meted out to a community for so long and consistently who then eventually didn't prevail and turned out to be the the only ones who were on the right path. Go figure...because this is what history of mankind tells us since time immemorial. Show some humanity and treat them as human beings if not Muslims or even Pakistanis at the least!

Jun 12, 2013 09:02am

Double standards of Pakistani nation should end. They would proudly identify themselves with Abdus Salam but not with ordinary Ahmadi. Is this the religious freedom that Quaid spoke about ?

Ash Mirza (USA)
Jun 12, 2013 09:14am

I am very sad to read this article, I want to thank Mr. Shahzad Raza, to give this article in English DAWN newspaper. I am sunni muslim and living in USA for long time. My best friend was Ahmadi and we got alone very well. He never disrespect any other sect and never insulted Sunni sect or any other sect, As we all know ISLAM is peace love and humanity. We must follow, and i am sure it will change our thinking. Take an example of our prophet Mohammed (SAW) they got alone with non muslims.. SIncerely, Ash Mirza (USA)

Jun 12, 2013 09:16am

despicable...flesh belong to earth and earth belong to God so is the soul.....arrogance belongs to religious people these days

Jun 12, 2013 09:27am

Apart from Dr. Salaam (the greatest mind on particle physics), the sole Pakistani (and author of the Pakistan Resolution) who became the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan, General Secretary of the United Nations and the Judge and then Chief Justice of the International Court of Justice, Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan was also a staunch Ahmadi Muslim.

Jun 12, 2013 09:37am

in the first place, Dawn should not publish such articles. The writer is biased.there is nothing wrong in not allowing mirzais to be buried with Muslims. we are proud that Pakistan is a place where minorities are allowed to practice their religions with freedom and same is for Mirzais. but they should not be allowed to practice under the umbrella of Islam.

Jun 12, 2013 09:57am

The writer is unable to understand, why the government introduced a constitutional amendment declaring them non-Muslim and made it unlawful for Ahmadis to identify themselves as Muslims. Because, they are non-Muslim and shall not identify them as Muslim. I have a question for the writer, what if a stranger comes from somewhere and have nothing to do with you and he identifies himself as your brother, what would you do, off course you will negate him in public. I do not support the events like 2010. But the fact is a fact. Ahmedis are not Muslim and they shall never identify them as Muslim.

Jun 12, 2013 10:04am

They are non muslims just like christians, jews, hindus, buddhists. Why can't the secularists, liberalists understand this?They should have a separate cemetery.

Jun 12, 2013 10:25am

why do you want to bury christians, sikhs parsis or other religious minorities like qadianis in Muslim Graveyard. Every community has its own graveyard. Qadianis have their own graveyard and Muslims are not allowed to be buried there. I think it is for protection of minorities otherwise they would lose their unique identity.

Fuzail Ayaz Ahmad
Jun 12, 2013 10:35am

I am living in country where humane values are diminishing gradually. It is an awful experience for a person who believe in religion which The prophet of all times brought and gave forth.He was such a person who respected even none Muslims but in my country my religious hierarchy and clerics of religion of peace and brotherhood are spreading hatred in the name of Islam. It is a pity.

I just can say in the verse of Ghalib

Kaabe kis munh se jao ge Gahlib Sharm tum ko magar naheen aatee

O Ghalib how will you go to Kaaba you dont owe shame.

this shameful sign board is not a shame for Pakistanis but for all muslims of Pakistan. This indicates the declined ethical and virtual values of our nation.

Jun 12, 2013 10:40am

Dear Writer ! Do you have even any slightest of idea what it means to defy "Muhammad (PBUH) as a last messenger". You are a declared "Kafir" if you even attend a funeral of an Ahmedi. Dear ! this is not a religious discrimination but following the right path as declared by Suhabees and even Muhammad (PBUH). Do read history

Abdul Wahid
Jun 12, 2013 10:47am

It is very simple; non-muslims have seperate graveyards and burrying / burning places for them. Every person is identified with his or her beliefs. If Mirzais and Qadiyanis have different beliefs than the Muslims then they are treated accordinly.

Jun 12, 2013 10:46am

Pakistan is a failed state and all the people are facing the results of those

Jun 12, 2013 11:16am

this is disgusting beyond words.

Jun 12, 2013 11:33am

After the Anti Ahmedi riots of 1953, Abul Ala Maududi, one of the chief instigators, and chief of the Jamiat e Islami, was sentenced to death. But, in a sign of the developing spinelessness of Government, the charge was subsequently dropped. This waffling and wavering carries on till today.

Jun 12, 2013 11:34am

Am I reading Dawn or Tribune?

Jun 12, 2013 11:58am

This is the real story how the Pakistani legal Muslims (sarkari musalman) deal with the spiritual Muslims.

Jun 12, 2013 12:05pm

Its a shame to see such hatred matter spread out so openly and yet we believe there is justice for all. Every citizen of Pakistan needs the basic right that the state offers. This openly discriminated ad is just against the very own law of Pakistan. And i am pretty sure no more dares to remove them, Thanks to DAWN for highlighting the matter.

L Ahmad
Jun 12, 2013 12:07pm

We all talk about discrimination & religious intolerance but doing very little about it. It is sad to see we have become silent spectators except a very few who are disgusted and appalled by the inhumane treatment of fellow human being.

Ahmad Ammar
Jun 12, 2013 12:15pm

I don't know how this "news" becomes a "news"! In an islamic state, non-muslim have separate graveyard..what is the point in highlighting this and spreading the negativity and hatred..?

Jun 12, 2013 12:43pm

Soon , there will be separate schools for all sects then there will be separate offices then separate shops and in the end separate housing schemes. what a great Pakistan that will be.

Jamshed Khan
Jun 12, 2013 01:00pm

@MM: You can't bury your dead in a Christian graveyard.

Abdul Wahid
Jun 12, 2013 12:59pm

@Irfan: Can you allow a christian be burried next to the grave of any of your relative? And if you are a sunni muslim, then how can you call a non-muslim your brother or sister?

Abdul Wahid
Jun 12, 2013 01:07pm

@suraj: dear, they have dedicated place for burial of their dead ones like other minorities in Pakistan.

Abdul Wahid
Jun 12, 2013 01:09pm

@MM: Would the Western authorities allow a Muslim to be burried in a graveyard that is dedicated for christians or jews despite the fact that a good Muslim would never wish to be burried into a non-muslim's graveyard.

Abdul Wahid
Jun 12, 2013 01:17pm

@Mohammad Farooq: Please remember the Quranic verses regarding humbleness towards the believers and sterness towards the disbelievers.

Jun 12, 2013 01:21pm

@Ahmad Ibrahim: i feel so bad.what have we become?we seem to be following an "islam" which couldnt be further from the truth

Jun 12, 2013 01:18pm

@Ahmad Ibrahim: i feel so bad.what have we become?we seem to be following an "islam" which couldnt be further from the truth

Jun 12, 2013 01:28pm

This is not discrimination. Are Muslims allowed to be buried in Christian graveyards or vice versa?

Ahmadis are not Muslims according to the Government of Pakistan, and also many other Muslim countries and Ulemah's from all around the world, including Egypt, Saudi etc.

Ahmadis dont agree that Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.) was the seal of Prophets, that is he was the last Prophet. So people should know this before supporting Ahmadis.

Jun 12, 2013 01:34pm

there should be no element of doubt in any bodys mind about Qadiyanees being non muslims,so y should they be allowed to be burried in muslim grave yards

Fuzail Ayaz Ahmad
Jun 12, 2013 01:47pm

Are we living in a country where human rights are observed?

Jun 12, 2013 01:48pm

@Irfan: Irfan why u needed to add 'Sunny' with 'MUSLIM' that you mentioned... This is also a type of "religious Intolerance" that you prefer to add your SECT/MASLAK before your RELIGION... WE as nation, as Muslims have to let go of this divide which is cutting our roots like anything !!!!!

Jun 12, 2013 02:01pm

@ikram: our mission as a Muslim is not to give impression to whole world. we as a Muslims must fulfill what Allah and His Prophet ordered us. World will always hate us if we are good Muslims and they will like us if we start to follow them (non Muslims). For example just look how they make fuss about Islamic punishment on crimes implemented in Saudi Arabia. So its very simple one who accepts Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as last messenger of Allah are Muslims. Others are non Muslim. Those who try to change the structure of Islam cannot be considered as Muslims.

Munir Ahmed
Jun 12, 2013 02:16pm

Yesterday 11.06.2013 at 7:00PM my friend Hamid Sami Chaudhry also marteyred due to his religious beliefs as ahmadi. Think about it that if bhutto and Zia ul Haq perform a good deeds as per God wishes ,then why not God Rewarded them good fortunes.Why the Pakistan social and financial position declining constantly.God's help is not with you. On the other side Jamat-e-Ahmadiya growing rapidly .They spread the real face of Islam through out the world.

Jun 12, 2013 02:24pm

Every religious community has their own graveyards not only in Pakistan but also in all civilized and developed countries. Same is the case in Pakistan that Qadianis have their own graveyards in different cities of Pakistan. As far as this sign board is concerned; this seems meaningful because Qadianis used to portrait themselves as Muslims which is not only against Islamic teachings but also against Pakistani Laws and constitution. Actually Qadianis should accept this reality that they are not part of Muslim community and whole Muslim Ummah (all around the globe) consider them as non-Muslims.

Akbar Khan
Jun 12, 2013 02:46pm

@Siddiqui J: Bravo man!!! you took my words I swear!...this indeed is trash journalism.

Jun 12, 2013 02:53pm

as per teachings of Islam and constitution of Pakistan, ahmadis are non muslim community, and they should be treated like non muslims.

Abdul Wahid
Jun 12, 2013 03:03pm

I wonder why this article having just crap was the Editor's Pick? The DAWN amangement should think about it.

Jun 12, 2013 03:17pm

There are so many other bigger, dangerous, and signifcant issues facing the Muslim world now a days, and yet we are always ready to fight on these petty issues. (as evident from the comments also).

The write would have spent time more efficiently by highlighting issues such as econimic growth in Muslim world compared to non-muslim world, then throwing light on issues that create never ending problems within the muslim world.

Jun 12, 2013 03:20pm

@wajahat: TRUE.

Fwad Ahmed
Jun 12, 2013 03:21pm

I think its muslim's religious values that do not allow non muslims to be buried in muslim's graveyard and no body should object on it as religiously everyone has freedom hence ahmadis should respect muslim's religious values.

AbuBakar Rafiq
Jun 12, 2013 03:22pm

qadianis, ahmedies, mirzais r declared non-muslims (kafir) in the constitution of pakistan. According to panel act (298-B / 298-C) of pakistan, ahmedies r NOT allowed to use islamic ideologies, NOR they r allowed to burry their deads in MUSLIM's graveyards. So its not a descrimination, its LAW.

Jun 12, 2013 03:50pm

They should leave Pakistan. We don't want to see any blasphemous in Pakistan

Babr Zaman,Multan,Pakistan
Jun 12, 2013 04:12pm

Wats that bad in this??? when Muslims are not allowed to b buried in christian graveyards and non Muslims are not allowed to b buried in Muslim graveyards then why (ahmedies who r non Muslims) crying . They have their own graveyards in which Muslims do not bury their Muslim dead ones

Babr Zaman,Multan,Pakistan
Jun 12, 2013 04:15pm

Wats that bad in this??? when Muslims are not allowed to b buried in christian graveyards and non Muslims are not allowed to b buried in Muslim graveyards then why (ahmedies who r non muslims) craying

Usman Waraich
Jun 12, 2013 04:39pm

Well, may be a common person doesnt know what Ahmedia concept is and seems the case with Mr. Raza here.

If they can create their own heavens, hells, and their messengers then they must have the ability to create their own graveyard.

You can call me whatever you like, a fundamentalist/extremist (which is nothing but an unjust tool that so called "secular" crowd of ours uses against anyone thinking with reason indiscriminately) but writing articles such as this one is completely misleading and an effort to create a sense of empathy and aggression in the hearts of general public.

Thanks to Dawn for giving that opportunity to such pre-mature writers!

Pakistan was made on the name of Islam (It is Islamic Republic of Pakistan), fundamental clause in the "Objectives Resolution" is that there is one God and Mohammad SAW is his "LAST" messenger. I hope everyone respects these spirits and stop steering Pakistan towards Secular countries because majority of Pakistan do not want to go down to that route; if some people do then they should seek a nationality somewhere in India or west!


Jun 12, 2013 04:41pm

An irrelevant column. Is it possible to bury a non-muslim in a muslim grave-yard? What human rights? Is it not the right of muslims to have their grave-yard? Are the human rights only for non-muslims?

Abdul Wahid
Jun 12, 2013 04:41pm

@Sohail: Dear; Allah has provided all the guidelines for Muslims to believe in Quran and Sunnah is the practical demonstration of these guidelines. The Ahadiths provide us the ways and means to obey Allah's commands. Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (S.A.W.W.) guide us that he is the Khatam-un-Nabbiyeen that is the Last Prophet, then if someone denies this, he/she actually does not accept the teachings of Islam. Because belief in the Last Prophethoodness of the Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.W.) is one of the basic requirements of Emaan.

Jun 12, 2013 05:04pm

@Imran: you should be ashamed of this.

Usman Waraich
Jun 12, 2013 05:05pm

Well, may be a common person doesnt know what Ahmedia concept is and seems the case with Mr. Raza here.

If they can create their own heavens, hells, and their messengers then they must have the ability to create their own graveyard.

You can call me whatever you like, a fundamentalist/extremist (which is nothing but an unjust tool that so called "secular" crowd of ours uses against anyone thinking with reason indiscriminately) but writing articles such as this one is completely misleading and an effort to create a sense of empathy and aggression in the hearts of general public.

Thanks to Dawn for giving that opportunity to such pre-mature writers!

Pakistan was made on the name of Islam (It is Islamic Republic of Pakistan), fundamental clause in the "Objectives Resolution" is that there is one God and Mohammad SAW is his "LAST" messenger. I hope everyone respects these spirits and stop steering Pakistan towards Secular countries because majority of Pakistan do not want to go down to that route; if some people do then they should seek a nationality somewhere in India or west!


Jun 12, 2013 05:10pm

Shahzad Raza is another talented free lancer who will always bring stories in a manner never seen before, he will try to make a storm in a cup of tea.

I have already shown reservations on this so called free lancer Shahzad Raza, when he latest disputable debate was Army chief convoy passed by whilst Nawaz Sharif's was waiting....

Again, this friend trying to create and ethnic revolt in the society which is already over-whelmed so many other issues one hardly gets time to think upon such nuisance which is repeatedly dished out to nation on a credible and high esteemed newspaper like Dawn. or this may be a result of some shuffling in Editors, Sub-editors of such posts.

Non muslims are not allowed for burial in muslim graveyard. period.

i don't think this will be published, but just trying.....

Secular fundamentalist
Jun 12, 2013 05:42pm

@Kbaba:Why can't a Jew,a Muslim & a Christian be buried in the same graveyard when all of them are humans and the lull of death unifies them? Let me remind you that Allah is not the private God of Muslims alone.He is the God of Humanity and Jews,Muslims and Christians do constitute humanity.So whats the problem in burying them in same graveyard when after death they will be attended to by Allah at the same time.

Jun 12, 2013 06:38pm

Ahmadies should have their own graveyard...

Jun 12, 2013 06:37pm

Ahmadies should have their own grave yard...

Jun 12, 2013 06:37pm

@Siddiqui J:While commenting on such sensitive issues you should be explicit in your expression of views,like how you claim that this is 'trash journalism'.Please explain the term you have used,thanks

Jun 12, 2013 06:47pm

There should not be any discrimination against anyone but Ahmadis are the same, they never allow any non ahmadis to be burried in their graveyard,Sorry but writer needs to do research before writing something,

Jun 12, 2013 06:59pm

@MAHRUKH FATIMAH: Can I ask? Who gave you the right to decide about anyone calling themselves muslim or not. Last I heard, Allah Almighty was to decide who is righteous and who isn't. A constitution declaring Ahmadis non-Muslim is just wrong and you know it. Can you GUARANTEE that you will go to heaven and that all your deeds are correct as per Islamic teachings? I don't think you can. No human has the right to decide who is muslim and who isn't. That is Allah Almighty to judge. At the time of the Holy Prophet PBUH, muslims and non muslims were buried in the same graveyard. they lived together in peace under the supervision of the Holy Prophet PBUH. They ate together and worked together. If it was allowed then, it should be allowed now. By the way, I Love Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa PBUB, and I am an Ahmadi. Before you jump to wrong assumptions, I would like to make it clear that Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa PBUB is the Holy Prophet PBUH who was born in Makkah about 1500 years ago. Clarification so that you don't confuse this statement being for someone else

Usman Waraich
Jun 12, 2013 07:03pm

@Sunni Sonia: its time you should ask yourself, what do you know about religion?

Tachi Tachi
Jun 12, 2013 08:15pm

Its not Ahmadiyya who are discriminated against. Ahmadis discriminate amongst themselves too. Ones who pledge and contributes at least 1/10th from their wealth and earnings to the Khalifas accounts gets a place in Bahishti Maqbara (green card to heaven). Since most of them cannot make it to Qadian and Rabwah to these designated lands, their graveyards have a fenced area for these privileged people. What a joke!

Jun 12, 2013 08:51pm

@Fuzail Ayaz Ahmad: Will Ahmadi's every tried to burr their bodies in Christian's graveyard.....

Jun 12, 2013 09:26pm

See all the comments putting down the article by Dawn. It is showing the religions and the bigotry they inculcate amongst the followers, dividing humans by belief and so called truth of their faiths. Wake up people and unclutter, unshackle your lives from organized religion. Stop wearing it on your sleeve and make your belief system, a very very very personal thing.

raja hindustani
Jun 12, 2013 10:06pm

It seems 2 nation theory hasn't died even after creation of separate Islamic country. :)

zia khan
Jun 12, 2013 11:39pm

Ahmadis must be ensured a normal life like other citizen of Pakistan irrespective of their beliefs. Religious extremism has gone too far in our society and people casually usurp the rights of weaker communities without any fear and accountability. After the creation of Pakistan, Ahmadis cleverly crept into key positions through the back door & in late sixties and early seventies, many people converted to their faith to get promotions to key positions. It was very easy to identify Ahmadis in top positions of armed forces. A ring engraved with "Lais Allah" wording was their identification code for their own kind. Just like Pakistani politicians, they had found the back door to power points in civilian and military institutions. Ahmadis went to far fearlessly without realizing that masses had started feeling threatened and deprived. It was the same in bureaucracy and armed forces. Ahmadis had blessing of invisible hands when it came down to who deserves it first. Probably, Ahmadis had rung their toll bells themselves. The writer must take into account this part of story and history but our society has no reason or justification to prosecute Ahmadis or any other community for holding different beliefs. Our religion demands peaceful coexistence for all. Ahmadis are answerable to God for their beliefs and it is nobody's business to prosecute or execute them for supposed pleasure of the Almighty. Enough is enough.

Akhter Husain
Jun 13, 2013 12:24am

May I remind the Ulemas that Rasool-ul-lah(PBUH) had allowed the christian delegate to say their prayers in Masjd-e-Nabvi..It appears that organizers of said graveyard are the sole owners and therefore they may claim the propriety rights but if it is government's property then such discrimination is simply illegal and the government needs to look into and resolve it.

Akhter Husain
Jun 13, 2013 12:25am

@Ahmad Ibrahim: It is the only solution,it should just be ignored.

Jun 13, 2013 12:48am

@Munir Ahmed: Ahmadis are non muslim. they are not practicing any religion but just using the trademark of Islam.

Jun 13, 2013 01:13am

Here in europe most of the graveyards are mixed with christians,muslims and other religions.

Jun 13, 2013 02:16am

@ailly: Grow up. The author points out a reality that pakistanis choose to ignore and bury their heads in the sand. I am glad Dawn brings these practices of injustice and bigotry to the front, for self reflection. Here in the west we are able to bury our loved ones in graveyards common to Christians, jews, atheists and whatever manmade religion. The graveyards are beautifully kept with a peaceful environment for people to come and pay their respects to the deceased. What difference does it make, to you if the buried body had a different belief than yours? Please think. outside of the box. (of religion that constricts logic).

Jun 13, 2013 02:18am

@Usman Waraich: Who cares what ahmadis are? How about "insaan". They are insaan first.

Jun 13, 2013 02:24am

@Sami: Yes muslims are allowed to be buried in any cemetery they choose in the USA.

Jun 13, 2013 02:26am

@Abdul Wahid: The answer to your question Mr. Wahid is 'YES'.

Jun 13, 2013 02:48am

@wajahat: Wajahat, are you not using the tools (internet and computer) invented in the west (USA) yourself right now, thus talking from both sides of your mouth? Hypocrisy is rampant in Pakistani society. Sorry to say.

Laeeq, USA
Jun 13, 2013 02:50am

@Kbaba: Yes in the West every body is burried in the same graveyard. Here people have no choice but they have to burry no matter where ever they get the graves. I believe, Ahmedies should burry their deceaseds in their own graveyards, not because they are Ahmedys, but for their own safety. I will not burry my loved ones where hate filled people are burried.

Iqbal Khan
Jun 13, 2013 05:48am

Why Qadianis discriminate amongst themselves in their own graveyards? Qadiani who gives 1/10th of his wealth to the King Masroor gets buried in Bahishti Maqbara,pathway to heaven. As a result they have gated area for these privileged ones and an open area for ordinary souls.

Iqbal Khan
Jun 13, 2013 05:50am

@Zahid Why do Qadianis call us muslims non muslims?

Jun 13, 2013 09:25am

My grandfather is buried in a remote village of Africa.He is buried in a Christian cemetery.The direction in which he is buried is different from all the other graves.We feel it does not make any difference neither to our revered grandfather nor to us.May Allah Grant an elevated status in Heaven to him.Finally,just for the record I belong to an Ahmadi family and so so proud of it.Ahmadis were buried in the regular graveyards earlier but due to several incidents of descration of the graves,now the community has graveyards in most of the cities.

Valerie Ward
Jun 13, 2013 11:34am

Who do the sign writers think they are serving? I wish they could understand that they damage no-one more than they damage themselves and the name of Islam through such actions. Can anyone who knows ever imagine that the Holy Prophet, the best of creation, ever do such things? May God help Pakistan and the people of Pakistan - they certainly need His help.

N. Miles
Jun 13, 2013 11:45am

Is this graveyard a civic graveyard or one belonging privately to a religious community? Civic affairs should be secular and treat all citizens equally.

Renate Chaudry
Jun 13, 2013 10:09pm

**What has Pakistan gained from declaring Ahmadies 'non-Mulim', while since their creation of the country they are still in a very deep pit, socially, economically, educationally and politically, except they have produced a suicidal society, who send young, brainwashed and innocent people to blow themselves up. Where are those who send these youngsters on such missions, and why don't they blow themselves up instead in order to go to heaven because the hoors are waiting for them. Ahmadies don't teach such things. In the rest of the world Amadies are respected, except by bigoted mullahs; we see them every day on TV channels here. They and certain Pakistani politicians are the problem. Pakistan will never make progress as long as they are in the grip of such self-interested people, when they should be concentrating on educating the nation, so that they can join the rest of the civilised world.

Aslam Khan
Jun 14, 2013 03:54am

@Imran: Amen to that man!

Abdul Wahid
Jun 14, 2013 09:56am

@Renate Chaudry: Linking of all these problems with declaring Mirzais non-muslims is not correct. These problems were created by the corrupt politicians, generals, etc. who do not want these problems to be addressed for their personal interests.

Abdul Wahid
Jun 14, 2013 10:01am

@Iqbal Khan: This the sole criteria for Mirzais to enter into heavens that is just pay to their so called nabi and proceed directly to the heavens -"Jannat for Sale". Is this the way our beloved Last Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.W.) taught us?

Abdul Wahid
Jun 14, 2013 10:08am

@N. Miles: Islam is the complete code of life and the relgion by nature. If you study the teachings of Islam you should know that a muslim, throughout his or her life i.e. from birth to grave is required to follow the teachings that are for his or her benefit not only in this world but the world hereafter. These teachings provide guidance on the way an individual lives his or her life and also provide guidance on the way community should live and act together.

Jun 14, 2013 01:36pm

@Usman Waraich: You are not a fundamentalist bro, but an ignorant bigot who thinks only his way is the right way and all others with even a slight different view should be wiped out from the face of this earth. When would you learn to behave at least like a normal human being who would treat others as human beings with same rights as you. Shame on you. And, please read proper history of Pakistan. Ahamdis were one main reason, Pakistan came into being and per Jinnah it was to be a place where people of all faiths and sects would live in peace and harmony. It was not named Islamic Republic of Pakistan until many years after creation of Pakistan and Objectives resolution has a mention that Allah is the true sovereign and Mahammad (SAW) is His messenger (not Last messenger!) People like you disgrace us all normal Pakistanis.

Renate Chaudry
Jun 14, 2013 01:42pm

@Usman Waraich: Why don't you just act like good Muslims and live in harmony with your neighbours, be they Christians, Hindus, Seikhs, and other Muslims sects, including Ahmadies. Live and let live in peace, that is the true Muslim way. Why waste your time on senseless conflicts? Try instead to bring your country out of the dark ages.

Jun 14, 2013 01:43pm

@Shahzad: Only if you could dig deeper into your heart to feel what this article had to convey. Live one day in Pakistan as an Ahmadi and then I would ask you if it is a petty issue towards which this article was drawing your kind attention. This issue is the basis of what our Muslim world has to give to others. There is a reason, Muslim world has been at the lowest rung of civilization for past few hundred years and that is religious intolerance. That is why you see Muslims killing fellow Muslims and others alike because they are so intolerant that they can't even let anyone with other opinion live peacefully, let alone give them rights to practice and profess their way of thinking. Fix this and most your problems in Muslim world would be fixed.