RESTAURANTS are found almost at every corner of Karachi’s various localities but they are not standard ones as far as seating arrangements and hygienic conditions are concerned.

This is now becoming a major health issue for the people who consume food at these hotels. First, the locations of these hotels are not cleaned regularly and the food served is exposed to different types of pollutants in the surrounding. There is no quality maintenance in the absence of quality awareness. The focus is on business.

A good example of this is the oil that is used for cooking food items. This oil is reused many a time every day. It is used many times over for deep-frying instead of being used twice and then discarded. This is very dangerous as it can cause heart and cholesterol problems.

The material used for making food items is stored in deep freezers for days. This kills the nutritional value of the food. Later when this food is cooked, it may be harmful for health.

Also, the utensils that workers are using are rusted at numerous places and when used for cooking, the rust contaminates the food.

People who run such restaurants must keep in mind that the health of the people is more important than the profit they earn.


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June 8, 2013 7:35 am
A fair comment to make. Sadly the type of customers vary from very poor, poor, middle class and rich people and it is a question of affordability. Hence there might a huge difference in hygiene observance between a street dhabba and a five star hotel kitchen. You get what you pay.
Gerry D'Cunha
June 8, 2013 8:33 pm
where are the food inspectors of concern govt dept.? sorry, they are there but blind folded with bribes by the restaurent owners - in pakistan who cares for public health
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