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16th PA house from June 1

LAHORE, May 27: The Punjab Assembly’s 16th house will take oath on Saturday as the provincial governor has summoned its maiden session on June 1.

Makhdum Ahmed Mahmud approved on Monday the summary moved by the provincial law department for summoning the session.

Outgoing speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal will preside over the session and administer oath to the MPAs-elect.

Under the Constitution, the first session of the new house is to be summoned within 21 days of the holding of general election, which were held on May 11.

New speaker and deputy speaker will be elected in the second session of the house which is likely to be held on Monday (June 3).

PML-N’s nominee for chief minister’s slot, Shahbaz Sharif, is likely to take oath on June 6.

The PML-N has secured two-thirds majority in the Punjab Assembly in the recent polls.

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