Karachi is among many cities of Pakistan which suffers from pollution of different kinds.

This is a major issue for our government which is not able to manage this menace.

Noise pollution is created by rickety buses, rickshaws, cars and all other varieties of vehicles. People are not aware of the basic civic sense and are thus used to honking all over the city but the worst is when it happens near hospitals and so patients suffer the most.

The government should organise a series of seminars in Karachi on creating basic civic sense among the people of why they should not honk whenever they are driving near a hospital or a clinic. This will spare patients from the noise pollution of honking.

Air pollution is caused by gases and smoke coming out of vehicles. Also, thick smoke emitting from the chimneys of factories is a problem not only for Karachiites but for the whole mankind.

The ozone layer is being removed slowly from the earth as a result of such smoke.

Immediate steps should be taken to control air pollution.

Those buses which emit dark smoke should be banned while industries should be punished for air pollution.

Another dangerous problem is water pollution due to which thousands of people die every year. In some areas of Karachi people are so unfortunate that they do not get any potable water at all. There is no will to redress the grievances of the people.

The government should build plants for purifying water so that people in Karachi can drink pure water, which is their basic right.

Another problem that adds to the pollution of Karachi and is a source of all sorts of diseases and ailments is overflowing sewerage.

The KWSB sits over this problem unmindful of its responsibility towards the taxpayers. Anybody listening?


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May 28, 2013 1:55 pm
Right now if we can cleanse the pollution of terrorism and extortionists, that will be a good start. Other pollution concerns will follow suit.
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