Sajid Hasan: back on stage

It’s been a while since actor Sajid Hasan was last seen doing theatre. Now that the world of theatre is blossoming in the country (or so it seems) he too has decided to not only act in a theatrical production but also produce it.

Sajid H is going to be seen playing one of the two principal characters in Indian playwright Javed Siddiqui’s famous piece, Aapki Sonia, directed by Aly Khan from June 14 at a local club in Karachi. The lovely Mehvish Hayat will be his co-star. Aapki Sonia is a sequel to the iconic play Tumhari Amrita and has been performed in India on a few occasions. The likes of Farooq Sheikh and Sonali Bandre have played the protagonists in it. Let’s see how Sajid H and Mehvish H interpret this work of art.

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