PA session on 29th

LAHORE, May 21: The 16th house of the Punjab Assembly is likely to meet on May 29 as Governor Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood will convene its session after notification of the provincial assembly members by the Election Commission of Pakistan on May 22 (today).

Under the Constitution, the first session of the elected house is to be called within 21 days of the conduct of the general election.

The legislators-elect will take oath of their office on the first day of the session after which the sitting will be prorogued to be summoned again by the governor for electing speaker and deputy speaker of the house.

Usually the job is done the next day after the legislators take oath of their offices. But the norm had been violated for the previous house (15th) when the legislators-elect took oath of their offices on March 27, 2008 but the session for electing the speaker and deputy speaker was convened after two weeks on April 9, 2008.

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