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April, 02 2015
—File Photo.
—File Photo.

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday wrote to the provincial election commissions to issue details of the election expenses incurred by successful candidates in the respective provinces, DawnNews reported.

Moreover, the ECP asked the provincial commissions to inform it as to which successful candidates had provided reports of their election expenses to the Returning Officers (RO). The candidates have until tomorrow to submit details of their election expenses.

According to the Election Commission, candidates contesting for National Assembly seats had an election budget of rupees 1.5 million whereas candidates vying for seats in the provincial assemblies had a budget of rupees 1 million.

Pakistan held a general election on May 11 marking the country’s first democratic transition of power after an elected government had completed a full term, a milestone in a country with a history of military coups.

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