Paying without consuming

I HAVE two electric meters (No. AL 084412 and AL 002284) apart from two other meters which are not in use and as such no electricity is consumed from these two.

These two meters are installed at my residential premises — 98, Jamshed Road, Amil Colony No. 2, Karachi. Since these meters were not in use I have been making only rental payment of Rs132 for the last five years, since meter readings indicated 0 unit.

However, from November 2012 I have been receiving inflated bills in the sum of Rs2,399 and Rs5,041 in spite of the fact that meter reading shows units at 0 (zero). I personally visited the KESC office for rectification of the computer’s mistake and submitted letters.

The officer concerned corrected the computer’s mistake but failed to notify his subordinates to make correction of the mistakes in the KESC record. As such, I have to visit the KESC office every month for the correction of bills, even though I am a senior citizen and suffer from arthritis.

This is utter carelessness and failure on the part of the staff of the KESC to redress the grievances of a senior citizen.

Will the KESC’s top authority instruct its functionaries to attend to my complaint?


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May 21, 2013 05:54am
Senior citizens are respected only by the common citizens while government officials do not have any moral responsibilities because they are at the highest level and can not see below their nose. Those who are paying bills also have to make payment of those who are stealing electricity therefore KESC officials are least bothered for stolen electricity. KESC's workers are allowed to sale illegal connections for extra earnings with share of officials.
May 20, 2013 12:15pm
well to NAYA pakistan..... every thing will be taken care off very soon... have no fear Nawaz Shareef is here ....
May 21, 2013 12:56am
The meter reads 0 not because you're not using reads 0 because there is no electricity in Pakistan. hahahaha!!!