EVEN if 50 million people say a wrong thing right, it does not become right.

For the past five years the ruling party members have been chanting that they have a mandate to rule for five years. Right? Wrong! Wrong because when they misgovern , mismanage and, above all, indulge in massive corruption. So, the in-coming government should refrain from such mantra.

Tahirul Qadri’s impressive long march and sit-in with thousands of supporters in Islamabad in January, seeking a fair election process was a trend-setter.

This truly mobilised the interest of poverty-stricken nation to use the power of their votes.

For the first time the youth and the affluent class also joined hands. Reawakening of lost idealism was shaping up.

Guardian of status quo grudgingly relented and cosmetic changes were made by the Election Commission of Pakistan. The culture of sit-ins is developing into a powerful tool to redress grievances.

Come Election 2013. And we all were looking forward to refreshing change on the political landscape. Change: what change? The manner in which Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution were applied and overseas Pakistanis were denied voting rights are mind-boggling.

For how long will the legacy of Justice Munir’s infamous ‘Law of Necessity’ continue to haunt this nation?

The judiciary has a lot to atone for. The reforms for speedy justice to meet the requirements of people are long overdue.

The promise of change is much talked about these days. The mndset of people are changing ,as demonstrated by their large-scale voting in the election. It is, in fact, a bloodless ‘Pakistani Spring’.

But it is the mindset of the ruling elite that needs to change. Culture of display of pomp and grandeur does not suit rulers of a nation surviving on external loans.

Sitting on gilded chair with their faces hidden behind large bouquet of colourful flowers before TV cameras is a comedy of errors.

There is a lot to change to discover the true potential of a nation that was destined to be a great nation.

Notwithstanding the inherent flaws, like the rest of my countrymen, I too have begun to see the magic of Milky Way.

Jeevay Pakistan! WING CDR ( r ) MUSHTAQ AHMED
Doha, Qatar

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May 20, 2013 1:01 pm
Mushtaq Sahab - Well said. Jeevay Pakistan!
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