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Sanaullah Haq's body returns to Sialkot

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NEW DELHI: Attacked Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah Haq’s body arrived in his hometown of Sialkot on Thursday after he died in India’s Chandigarh Hospital earlier during the day, DawnNews reported.

Doctors treating Sanaullah Ranjay at a government hospital in Chandigarh said the 52-year-old died of multiple organ failure after suffering severe head injuries in last week's attack at a prison in the northern city of Jammu.

Sanaullah, who was convicted by an Indian court for involvement in separatist activities in the disputed Kashmir region, was attacked in an Indian prison by a court-martialled Indian soldier in retaliation to a similar incident in a Pakistani jail where some prisoners attacked an Indian spy ,Sarabjit Singh, who was a deathrow inmate in Pakistan convicted for terrorism charges related to a bombing in Faisalabad that had killed 14 people in 1990.

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May 09, 2013 08:18pm

Shame on India, the so called largest demoncrazy in the world.