Make love, not war

17th April 2014 |
These are a selections of photo from an exhibition at Sattar Buksh about violence and weapon usage in Karachi. This...(Continue Reading)

In pictures

Indians vote despite rebel threats

17th April 2014 |AP

ndians cast ballots Thursday on the biggest day of voting in the country's weeks long general election.

Ferry sinks off the coast of South Korea

16th April 2014 |Agencies

A ferry carrying 459 people, sank off South Korea's coast .

India’s main opposition rallies support in Bavla

14th April 2014 |Agencies

The multiphase voting across the country runs until May 12.

PFDC Fashion week Day Two: Prêt-à-Porter

13th April 2014 |

Day-2 featured designer prét-a-porter shows by Shehla Chatoor, Teena by Hina Butt, Deepak Perwani, Muse and Élan.

Retouching Syria, peace by piece

12th April 2014 |Reuters

The brightly coloured, 720-sq metre work was constructed from aluminum cans, broken mirrors.

Will India give 'Spidey' a chance?

12th April 2014 |Reuters

Around 815 million people have registered to vote in the world's biggest election

India's women voters

11th April 2014 |AP

Photographs of rural Indian women, leading up to the Indian elections

Seto Machindranath festival

10th April 2014 |AFP

The chariot procession festival of Seto Machindranath is celebrated during the month of Chaitra.


Dama Dam Mast Qalandar: The man behind the melody

17th April 2014 |Suhail Yusuf

The music world, the government and even Ashiq Hussain's friends have turned a blind eye to the melody maestro.

Sakhi Sarwar: The shrine on the mountain

15th April 2014 |Suhail Yusuf

The shrine of Sakhi Sarwar, a 13th century saint, is a major hallmark of Dera Ghazi Khan.

Video: PM in China for Boao Forum

10th April 2014 |

Prime Minister Sharif is in China to participate in the Boao Forum for Asia on the invitation of the Chinese government.

MasterChef Pakistan set to sizzle this May

8th April 2014 |Kurt Menezes

One of the highest rated shows in the world is launching its franchise in Pakistan.

Harley-Davidson bets big on small bike

8th April 2014 |Reuters

Harley-Davidson has put its Hog, the nickname for its iconic motorcycles, on a diet.

The Dancing Hooves

5th April 2014 |Suhail Yusuf

Horse dancing is a popular method of celebrating success and joy in rural areas, especially Punjab.

Kurt Cobain's death marks 20th anniversary

5th April 2014 |Reuters

The latest celebrity news including the 20th anniversary of the suicide of "Nirvana" frontman Kurt Cobain.

Donkeys transport ballot boxes for Afghan elections

5th April 2014 |Reuters

Donkeys to deliver ballots and voting boxes to the country's most inaccessible areas.

Photo Essays

Karachi Eat

27th March 2014 |Taahira Booya

Having been in the city only two months, I went to the Karachi Food Festival for an indulgent cultural experience.

Rickshaw Run

27th March 2014 |Taahira Booya

Coming from Singapore, nothing could possibly prepare me for the muscle mass required for a rickshaw ride in Karachi.

The man on the garbage heap and other happy humans

24th December 2013 |Vaqar Ahmed

Most of us well-heeled ones don’t go and brush shoulders with the teeming masses on the Seaview beach or with ...

Walking in the valley

24th November 2013 |Madeeha Syed

The breath-taking beauty of Kashmir and its people is captured by photographer Mehrum Sadriwala.

From Thatta, With Love: Shah Jahan Mosque

27th September 2013 |Alyna Hasan Jaffery

If history has taught us anything about the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan, it is that he was exceptionally extravagant.

“These are Buddha’s footprints” - A trip to Sirkap

30th September 2013 |Alyna Hasan Jaffery

The Jain Temple is a sanctuary built around a stupa.

Portraying the true face of Pashtuns to the world

3rd September 2013 |DAWN.COM

"Pashtuns in America are very concerned about how to raise their children in a Pashtun environment"

Photo feature: Not far from paradise

2nd March 2014 |Shameen Khan

The Himalayas and the Kaghan valley have inspired many - For me, the inspiration came last month.

A/V Slideshow

A heap of broken images

12th January 2014 |DAWN.COM

Four months after the devastating earthquake in Balochistan, people are still awaiting help. takes a look.

A tribute to Ahmed Faraz

30th September 2013 |DAWN.COM

No room this once to renew the vows, Love.

Lakir ka faqir — Never trust your sabzi with a stranger

20th August 2013 |DAWN.COM

Some of our most loyal relationships are built amidst the hustle bustle of a bazaar.

Lakir ka faqir: ‘I kept my roza in the fridge’

13th August 2013 |DAWN.COM

Listen to eleven-year-old Bushra Fatema narrating her first fast experiences while Shakira Begum recounts her memories.

Ali Azmat talks to Dawn

9th September 2013 |DAWN.COM

Tales of the nation

30th September 2013 |DAWN.COM

The history of a nation as young as Pakistan is necessarily a living history.

First death anniversary of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto

30th September 2013 |DAWN.COM

Returning to Benazir 1

30th September 2013 |DAWN.COM

A maternity home in Thatta

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