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T20 Cup: Where are the crowds?

T20 Cup: Where are the crowds?

The ongoing domestic T20 Cup goes on to show just how much of a failure the Pakistan Cricket Board can be.

IPL — Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Before we banish IPL to the annals of history, let's look at what the primary stakeholders have to say.

7-1: To laugh away the pain...

It's true: The biggest thrashings in sport can be laughed away with the right amount of internet memes.

Is Afridi really to blame?

Lala's views on women are outdated and destructive, but we need to attack the issue, not the man.

Left in their tracks

"I confess that I wish Virat Kohli was a Pakistani and Shoaib Malik was an Indian."

Dreaming the dream team for Pakistan

A country of nearly 200 million is teeming with talent. We need 18-year-old men, not 30-something-year-old boys.

Srinivasan: Sunday-ke-Sunday

Master tactician and BCCI boss N. Srinivasan pulls another rabbit out of his hat, writes Amit Baruah.

Fix the fixers

After its response to the spot-fixing scandal, it seems the BCCI is only interested in protecting the IPL.

Welcome to the Indian Paisa League

As a cricketer, money and fame may come easy to you in India today. But, notoriety may not be far behind.

The star and his fan

Shahid Afridi played his cricket outside the realm of the game itself and inside the hearts of his fans.

The Quickening

Was there ever a time when Pakistan was actually able to successfully negotiate quality quick bowlers on a fast track?