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Captain America: The Winter Soldier – just another sequel

Being an obligatory sequel in a much bigger thread of Marvel movies, it is made with the intention of being undemanding.

  • @karachikhatmal: Not even attempting to deconstruct this because it is so awesome. via @shahidsaeed
  • @karachikhatmal: Have finished the GTA IV storyline and life feels a whole lot emptier now. Please help cc: @talhawynne
  • @karachikhatmal: Shower with blessings or bless with showers? #PotaytoPotatoe
  • @mediagag: Replug on the IPL being in the UAE (especially Sharjah) and why it feels so wrong from a Pakistani viewpoint
  • @mediagag: Oh, isn't he charming? Why do I get to deal with the best people
  • @aliaftabsaeed: RT @Sirf_Sach: @YasserHashmi @aliaftabsaeed Accusing Supreme Commander of Army for #Memogate was #HALAL but blaming his Subordinate General…
  • @aliaftabsaeed: RT @YasserHashmi: Speaking of not wildly accusing state institutions w/proof, Presidency is also a state institution & was one the past 5 y…
  • @karachikhatmal: RT @SrtVirat: @FRAZASAD @karachikhatmal Price of vvip box is as high as 1 lakh INR, so from 100 to 1 lakh INR not PKR, for cinema max is 90…
  • @shahidsaeed: Plastic covers not removed as per #MiddleClassiya code cc @YaqubImmegret
  • @aliaftabsaeed: RT @gabeeno: Remember the security this dictator running away right now gave our #SMBB in Pindi? Look at this convicted man's security. WOW!

Oh Karachi, my Karachi!

When writing on the city, talk about Lyari, Botal Gali and all non-tish tosh areas so you can show how awami you are.

Movie Review: ‘Bhoothnath Returns’, better than the original

Bhoothnath Returns talks about a mix of emotions with a simple message: get up and vote.

Fashion, destroying Pakistan from within

The liberal, extremist, secular, treacherous agenda at work in local fashion - now exposed!

Goodbye, Archie

We could relate to the awkward bumbling teenager because, like us, he too was far from perfect.

Movie Review: Main Tera Hero, ‘Govinda Ishtyle’

Main Tera Hero is filler entertainment – the kind that slides in between more serious works of cinema.

Why I'm skipping 'Game of Thrones' Season 4

These depressing bloodbaths seem to me a sign of something deeply pathological.

Movie Review: Need for Speed's realism beats Fast and the Furious

For a movie with so much formulaic deadweight and a lack of dynamism, 'Need for Speed' is tastefully executed.

In remembrance of India's tragedy queen

Pakeezah, which took 14 years to reach the silver screen, is Meena Kumari's swansong.

Movie Review: Divergent is no Hunger Games

For a movie targeting young-adults, and especially the female demographic, “Divergent” is pretty compliant.

The unwashed Bandar Road

Architectural heritages on this road, gifted to the newly formed nation, now await a conversion to rubble.

When I met Khushwant Singh

“My mother hasn't forgotten the Partition riots. She was fearful of my frequent visits to Pakistan."

A bus ride straddling history and geography

Despite bumps along the way, the passenger bus connecting New Delhi with Lahore carries on.

Harchand Rai Vishan Das: Karachi's beheaded benefactor

Among the many favours that Harchand Rai did for Karachi, changing the course of the Lyari River is perhaps the biggest.

'Ask Afridi the wrong question and you will get a stupid answer'

Here's what women who have broken cultural barriers in Pakistan think about Afridi’s comments.

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