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Celebrities in Indian politics: The dance of democracy

The 2014 Indian Elections happen to feature a record number of Bollywood celebrities contesting across parties.

  • @aliaftabsaeed: ISI and media infighting
  • @aliaftabsaeed: RT @SaveBSOAzadLead: #HungerStrikeTillDeath #HungerstrikeUntoDeath #SaveBSOAzadLeader #LateefJoharBaloch
  • @warishusain: ISI and media infighting - Newspaper - @dawn_com you brilliant beaut.
  • @shahidsaeed: NBC ad for Monaco GP, found in the May 2014 issue of Playboy Magazine [SFW]
  • @shahidsaeed: Not the best circumstances to make it, but promo of @Razarumi on NPR’s Morning Edition for tomorrow, right now
  • @humayusuf: RT @matt_cav_: If you want to understand why the US & UK persisted with an unrealistic military strategy in Afghanistan, read this: http://…
  • @humayusuf: RT @abubanda: Ottoman, Soviet, and American military modernizations in Afghanistan all beamed about "progress," ended in bloodshed http://t…
  • @humayusuf: RT @abubanda: Funny how Afghan "progress" depends on the very Soviet-trained soldiers the US once spent billions trying to kill

When Manmohan Singh went AWOL

Given the current situation, would it surprise anybody that the Indian PM wanted to seek spiritual solace?

Who will be Afghanistan's new president?

A look at the three favourite hopefuls and the promises they have made to the people of Afghanistan.

Old politics, young Afghanistan

Coming at a very critical juncture for the country, the Afghan polls mean much more than just selecting a new president.

Blaming Bilawal

Most Pakistanis, who have been largely clueless about famines in general, have suddenly become experts on nutrition.

Only the PM knows

Why is the prime minister opting for talks with the Taliban again?

Whither principled politics?

Political parties should be the change that they speak of and inform their supporters of their rights as well as duties.

License to kill?

Ahmadis are particularly under fire due to the constitutional cover provided to those waging violence against them.

Four issues Pakistanis can influence more than US drones

Pakistanis can have a far greater influence to help promote equality and peace for all than they do over US drones.

To vote or not to vote: Is that the question?

Sections of Kashmiri society are undoubtedly view participating in the elections through the prism of local governance.

Is the mullah-military nexus crumbling?

Is the military trying to portray itself as a national army now than its earlier image of an ideological force?

The revolution that never happened

Through a flicker in the eyes or a nod of the head, even now, members of the Communist Party of Pakistan share a secret.

Four reasons why PTI could not change our political culture

What is disappointing for me is that the PTI is not only the change it had promised to be, it isn't any change at all.

Musharraf’s treason trial: Will it actually take place?

The present government may conclude that this time, it’s worth having history repeat itself.

Coalitions: Both art and science

Since 1996, India has been ruled by a coalition of parties, Amit Baruah looks at the prospects for the 2014 elections.

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