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Imagine a different Imran

A party that could have been a force for change is now battered. Lines have been crossed, and the divide is deeper.

Inqilab — when blood comes cheap

There are political fighters everywhere, but hardly any Pakistanis condemning this tragedy in its entirety.

What is 'naya' in Naya Pakistan?

The founder of Naya Pakistan calls it human nature to be political, but I'm not allowed by his troops to express myself?

Ends may not justify means

Is it okay to want to deny others their rights because one doesn’t agree with the outcome of an election?

Dharnas vs democracy

If you argue the whole system is corrupt and needs to be removed, please stop thumping your chest about democracy.

Kashmiris: Not a non-party

It's amusing that the very people whose land happens to be the issue, are treated by India as non-party to the dispute.

An open letter to PM Nawaz

When it comes to the economy, we need a leader willing to go beyond the incremental steps and take a quantum leap.