Did Pakistan cause Afghanistan's lack of economic development?

A look at Afghanistan's economy fare before the foreigners extended their unwelcome reach.

  • @mediagag: there was a bit of Ozil against Gareth Barry about that Bale goal.
  • @mediagag: RT @eaamalyon: Suit and baseball cap combo is atrocious. Ronaldo should be stripped of Ballon d'Or
  • @mediagag: 11 of the last 12 Clasicos now have been drawn or decided by a single goal. #Parity
  • @mediagag: RT @Hamster41: Watching Cesc Fabregas's recent performances is like watching an old friend throw his life away by becoming a drug addict.
  • @mediagag: altho those last 5mins, particularly the Neymar chance, showed that when Barca play with intensity in the final third they're still the same
  • @mediagag: in a week Barca have let go of a treble. one 100m man scores the goal, other hits the post. matter of inches. & that'll define the narrative
  • @mediagag: RT @LaLigaLoca: Outrageous. Bale should be booked for leaving field of play without referee's permission.
  • @mediagag: RT @benlyt: Very good RT @SwannBorsellino Gareth Bolt
  • @mediagag: fuckin hell! Bale just went up to 11.
  • @mediagag: and Barca go down the other end and score. from a corner! Barca!

If the cases against Musharraf are in the courts, then why so much venom against him on the TV screens?

A look at Afghanistan's economy fare before the foreigners extended their unwelcome reach.

Pakistani women seem reconciled to the fact that they can only be “chosen” and never “choose”.

Within a millennium, the locality founded by herders was now an extraordinary city famous for its saints.

Growing up exposed to sexual abuse is considered a necessary rite of passage - you have to survive it to become a man.

If secular ideologies have failed, political Islam has not had a resounding success either.

Will the tragic death of this young student from North-East India jolt us into action against prejudice?

Are the voters in India more responsive to change than the ones in Pakistan?

We all know, how wrong the wrong way is, but we still do it. Why? Because we always have the right reasons.

Rice cooked in meat stock promised a agreeable mental and physical constitution to the warriors of the region.

Culture Vulture

Movie Review: ‘Bhoothnath Returns’, better than the original

Bhoothnath Returns talks about a mix of emotions with a simple message: get up and vote.

Fashion, destroying Pakistan from within

The liberal, extremist, secular, treacherous agenda at work in local fashion - now exposed!

The Graffiti Reader

Forced conversion, real terror

Do abductors believe that the forceful conversion and marriage of a minority woman may win him rewards in the afterlife?

Reinventing art

The loss of family in an earthquake led Kausar to channel his grief into painting a powerful series on elephants.

On the Field

Is Afridi really to blame?

Lala's views on women are outdated and destructive, but we need to attack the issue, not the man.

Why I won't be cheering for Shahid Afridi anymore

Mr Afridi, don't be in such a hurry to push the daughters of the nation into the kitchen, that's not all we do.

War Games

Should we negotiate with the UBA too?

I doubt we have enough to give away to keep two terrorist groups happy at the same time.

'I heard no explosion, just a deadly silence'

Fear throbbed through me as he entered the shrine. There was something lethal in his eyes, a dangerous kind of loyalty.

Art of Wellbeing

YouTube ban: Running out of excuses

Almost two years since the ban was imposed, the Pakistani state now has a unique opportunity to mend its ways, will it?

Wear that you care

It is estimated that 95 per cent of all rare and genetic diseases do not have a single FDA approved drug treatment.

Beat Politique

When Manmohan Singh went AWOL

Given the current situation, would it surprise anybody that the Indian PM wanted to seek spiritual solace?

Who will be Afghanistan's new president?

A look at the three favourite hopefuls and the promises they have made to the people of Afghanistan.

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