Pakistani balls!

Pakistan's frailties with the bat meant that it had to always conjure up some magic with the ball.

  • @karachikhatmal: "Why, they asked, didn't some journalists love their brothers in the ISI as much as their ISI brothers loved them[?]"
  • @karachikhatmal: ""Get well Hamid Mir," it says. "We may not be able to protect you," it implies, "but we know where to order the best flowers.""
  • @karachikhatmal: "The Karachi police force is really good at strutting about after a high-profile crime has happened."
  • @karachikhatmal: RT @le_Sabre: Watching this media Talib @AnsarAAbbasi act like a liberal democrat to save his skin has got to be the best thing out of this…
  • @abaruah64: RT @ReutersIndia: Nokia to name Rajeev Suri as next CEO on Tuesday - report
  • @karachikhatmal: RT @YousufNazar: The world's "best intelligence agency" sometimes operates as third-rate street thugs do. Some media houses are run as circ…
  • @Saherb1: Footprints: Conversion by choice or force?
  • @karachikhatmal: RT @HawkesBay: @lahorigori what about 'toilet'
  • @karachikhatmal: RT @lahorigori: Fact: stereotypes & sex cliches comprise 90% of the average sense of humour
  • @abaruah64: RT @dna: Interim order staying Tamil Nadu government's decision on remission of sentence will continue: Supreme Court

Pakistan's frailties with the bat meant that it had to always conjure up some magic with the ball.

An opportunity exists for Pakistani students who were turned away by the same schools that now face an enrolment crunch.

Pakistan's sinking into barbarity is similar to the Qureshi family's descent into a tunnel, where treasure is a lie.

Within a millennium, the locality founded by herders was now an extraordinary city famous for its saints.

Growing up exposed to sexual abuse is considered a necessary rite of passage - you have to survive it to become a man.

“It was easier to mourn when people died individually and were not killed in droves by suicide bombers.”

Will the tragic death of this young student from North-East India jolt us into action against prejudice?

Are the voters in India more responsive to change than the ones in Pakistan?

We all know, how wrong the wrong way is, but we still do it. Why? Because we always have the right reasons.

Rice cooked in meat stock promised a agreeable mental and physical constitution to the warriors of the region.

Culture Vulture

Movie Review: 2 States – or how to woo the parents

No one approves of Punjab marrying Tamil Nadu.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – just another sequel

Being an obligatory sequel in a much bigger thread of Marvel movies, it is made with the intention of being undemanding.

The Graffiti Reader

A eulogy for 2,100 bustards

It may make some proud to kill nearly 2% of the population of an endangered species. Others, like me, find it appalling.

Celebrating failure

The over glorification of success is detrimental to our children, given today’s world where little is black and white.

On the Field

Is Afridi really to blame?

Lala's views on women are outdated and destructive, but we need to attack the issue, not the man.

Why I won't be cheering for Shahid Afridi anymore

Mr Afridi, don't be in such a hurry to push the daughters of the nation into the kitchen, that's not all we do.

War Games

One bullet for all journalists

"Why didn’t he just let the lie go, as all of us had agreed to keep doing?"

Attack on Hamid Mir: You have the right to remain silent

Our budding forensic investigation experts have already decided who the triggermen in the attack on Mr Mir are.

Art of Wellbeing

Enter 3G: A question of scale, speed, reliability

The tasks ahead may not be painfully slow, but there is no guarantee that they will not be painfully expensive.

We don't need cyber security that tramples on basic rights

Once passed, the bill will allow council members a broad range of powers, with little or no space for being challenged.

Beat Politique

Celebrities in Indian politics: The dance of democracy

The 2014 Indian Elections happen to feature a record number of Bollywood celebrities contesting across parties.

When Manmohan Singh went AWOL

Given the current situation, would it surprise anybody that the Indian PM wanted to seek spiritual solace?

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