Waris Husain

Big Brother is watching Pakistan

While the govt and citizens are justified in their reaction to spying, their protests are unlikely to change anything.

Cracks in the YouTube crackdown

The chaos over ‘Innocence of Muslims’ has long since died. The struggle for lifting the YouTube ban, however, continues.

Professorial Talk, Lethal Walk

President Obama continues to argue that the use of drones was and still remains both legal and effective.

Election Day and voter turnout

This election has been significant because of the overwhelming increase in turnout, making 2012 a historic year for the American voter.

Dehumanising defendants in Guantanamo

"Right now its Muslims they are after, but in World War II it was Japanese they were after, in the 19th Century it was Chinese and before that it was Native Americans.”

The racists and the Islamists in khaki

Perhaps the most striking thing about the DHS report is how much the white supremacists and Islamic militants share in common.

The court’s respect for restraint

The Supreme Court’s restraint in dealing with PM Ashraf displays a potential for the judiciary acting in collaboration with elected officials, rather than against them.

Deficit of judicial dissent

The absence of divergence in opinion is striking, given the legally complex and controversial issues confronted by Pakistan’s judiciary in its recent history.

A decree to counter discrimination

There is a need for a new legislation, which can systematically address discrimination and provide remedies for affected minorities.

The shared authority to appoint

Pakistan should reconsider its judicial appointment system in favor of a process that includes the wisdom of the Court and the transparency of the Parliament.

Drone doctrine of necessity

It may take the US several generations to realise the error in attempting to manipulate the law in order to justify illegal military oppression.

The continuing contempt controversy

Neither the court nor the prime minister have delivered a death blow to the other, signaling the continuation of the PPP-Judiciary battle.

Forced faith or force of faith?

In Pakistan when a minority is converted to Islam, they could likely develop Stockholm Syndrome and embrace their new faith as an instinct to survive in a brutal society.