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A leaf from history: Jam flees but Khar fails

As the election commission promises polls, two of Bhutto’s former aides seek forgiveness from the army

A leaf from history: Reign of corporal terror

General Ziaul Haq meets the press for the first time after staging the coup

A leaf from history: ‘Meray Aziz Hamwatnon’

General Ziaul Haq couches his coup in Islamic terminology as he begins seeking legitimacy from various quarters

A leaf from history: Zia’s planned precision

It felt like a peaceful transition: no bullets were fired, resistance was minimal, and his political opponents...

A leaf from history: Foul Play

In the evening of July 4, a meeting of the cabinet, with all the chief ministers and the Chief of Army Staff Gen...

A leaf from history: The last meeting

Alarm and apprehension pervaded the atmosphere of the July 2 talks. Serious negotiators from the Pakistan National...

A leaf from history: One last hurdle

During the process of talks between Bhutto and the Pakistan National Alliance, a tedious situation arose on the...

A leaf from history: The final round

On Friday July 1, began what was meant to be the final round of talks. It started at 10am and continued till 1.00pm...

A leaf from history: A council, but not supreme

Prof Ghafoor gave a final ultimatum to the government on June 26 which proved to be a turning point in the talks. It...

A leaf from history: Take it or leave it

Z.A. Bhutto had left the country at a time when the leaders were engaged in sorting out the details of the accord...

A leaf from history: So close, yet so far away

June 15, 1977 brought a much-needed feeling of optimism with it. The talks ended with both parties reaching an ...

REVIEW: Novel ka Funn by Milan Kundera

Kundera argues that the novel should not unravel a reality or ethos

A leaf from history: A flicker of hope

As Z.A. Bhutto ended his opening remarks during the meeting with the army commanders, Maulana Kausar Niazi and ...

A leaf from history: Officers and gentlemen

As there appeared to be no progress in the talks, people started to show anxiety about the whole situation. While ...

A leaf from history: The deadlock continues

A serious situation developed after the government-PNA (Pakistan National Alliance) meeting on June 9, 1977, as no...

A leaf from history: Who had the tip?

The talks between the PPP and the PNA entered a crucial phase in the first round. On June 5, 1977 a day before the...

A leaf from history: Finally, the talks

There was hope in the summers of 1977. Tensions between Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the Pakistan National...

A leaf from history: Sardar Qayyum on a mission

After the rejection of the referendum offer, Bhutto realised that there was no way out except by reaching some sort...

A leaf from history: The plot thickens

The proposed referendum was an unexpected move by Bhutto as it had never come up at any stage of the talks. General...

A leaf from history: Unlucky number seven

Feeling quite satisfied with the pledge for talks, Bhutto addressed the National Assembly on May 13 and took up...

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014

Judiciary and tolerance

Strains already

Antisocial media

Instant ‘justice’


Scope of suo motu

Another attack on the media

Army security for polio teams

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