Shahid Kardar

Revamping the Civil Service

Our regulatory system focuses on the inputs as opposed to outputs and outcomes.

Need for Civil Service reforms

The legal and institutional set-up has given rights to civil servants which are detrimental to citizens.

Overhaul the system

Whereas the thin upper stratum thrives, the poor are pushed out of the ambit of development.

Political economy of reforms

Unless negative perceptions are changed, it will not be possible to create constituencies for reform.

Growing disillusionment

What ordinary mortals are experiencing is their own lives and earnings being wrecked.

Rule of law and economic growth

The judicial system needs judges with a better understanding of commercial regulations and practices.

In defence of the provinces

The provinces have made some decent effort in recent years to mobilise additional revenues.

Daunting challenges

The issues that need to be addressed for economic revival are myriad.

Budget: with an eye on IMF

The tragedy of the budgetary exercise is the preoccupation with the size of the deficit.

Drivers of growth

THE next budget needs to articulate a vision because a growth revival has become urgent. What should be the contours...

Proposals for the budget

EVEN amongst developing countries Pakistan is in the bottom-ranked nations, with tax revenues less than 10pc of GDP....

For a stable exchange rate

THE recent appreciation of the rupee, despite weak fundamentals, is becoming controversial, with the same interest...

Fixing a battered society

THE parlous state of official finances is the result of successive governments’ unfettered extravagance and ...

Limitations of monetary policy

THIS writer has argued before that it is not possible to manage inflation through just one or two policy ...

Acres of protection

THE need to provide some kind of insurance cover to protect the incomes and outputs of farmers from the vagaries of...

Shape of a health insurance regime

IN an earlier article, this writer had argued for group-based/community-based health insurance schemes. This article...

Need for health insurance

The health sector remains grossly underfunded, accounting for barely 0.5pc of GDP (most of which is spent on salaries).

Regulation, Pakistani style

GETTING the government to be an enabler rather than a disabler is the real challenge. The weaknesses of our economic...

Sequencing issues

For sometime now, the indicators of growth & investment appear to have acquired permanence at a low level of equilibrium